3 Questions to Ask About Hail

man in safety working on installing a slate roof

Did hail come through my area last night? Did hail damage my roof? Do I need to get it fixed right away? These are all common questions that are asked after a storm. Let us help you navigate the next steps to diagnosing the problem. We have boiled down all the uncertainty into 3 questions that can help get you on the right track! Here are the 3 questions to ask your local roofing contractor:

  1. Are you Haag certified? You may not have heard of a Haag certification but this is important! It is the top certification to identify and assess wind and hail damage. Our team is Haag certified so we have the authority to properly diagnose damages done to your roof.
  2. Do you work with the insurance adjuster? When it comes to filing a claim, insurance adjusters can be tricky. We take pride in helping rid you of the headache and confusion. Our team works directly with your insurance adjuster and even walks the roof with them during their assessment.
  3. How quickly does my damage need to be fixed? Easy answer: not quickly! This process does not need to be rushed. Most hail and wind damage don’t cause active problems. Of course, over time, there can be deterioration and leaks in your home, but it is hardly ever an immediate issue. You may find a few people knocking on your door after a storm and trying to get you to rush into a quick fix. Please don’t fall for that! You deserve to have a well-trusted contractor walk you through the process.

We recommend you ask these same 3 questions to every contractor. This will help you build trust with whomever you decide to move forward with on getting the damage assessed and fixed. As always, we are proud to stand behind our motto of ‘Always Good Work’ and would love the opportunity to help educate you on the damage done by the storm. Please reach out to us with any questions!