4 Areas Construction Companies Should Be Celebrating Today!

In the construction industry it’s very easy (and many times necessary) to get into a focused production mindset with blinders on to everything else. It is no surprise that day-in-and-day out, the life of a construction professional is filled with and consumed by budgets, timelines, change orders, and frustration, leaving room for very little else.  A good work place, is a place that finds a balance.  A balance between getting done what needs to be done, and creating a place where we don’t check our humanity at the door.  


Below are a few areas, specific to the construction area, where you can step aside for a moment, and celebrate areas of our day that can simply be passed over.  Recognition and celebration of employees' accomplishments have been studied over and over again, proving its positive impact on morale, engagement, and productivity.  We all know this, but finding the will and energy to actually do it can be a challenge.  We would like to offer a few concrete ideas, that may seem common, but many companies simply take for granted.

Celebrating Safety

It is always one of the top mantras of every construction organization — “safety first." We are all quick to recite it.  Additionally, we are quick to penalize (and often rightly so) someone for operating outside of approved safe working practices.  But we often neglect recognizing the employee that comes to work, and performs their tasks safely, efficiently, and with consistency.  

At Baker, we not only recognize good safety habits on the job site, but also on the road.  With over 400 trucks on the road, the company is greatly concerned about good driving habits.  With that, Baker Roofing Company boasts a quarterly and annual “Safe Driver Award” that recognizes drivers for exceptional driving safety.  The award comes with benefits of newer trucks, as well as other monetary and non-monetary recognitions. 


Celebrate Exceptionalism
Every company has stories of ‘success’ that do not necessarily fall within standard job or project performance measures.  Whether it was the foreman who pulled onto the side of the road to change a tire for a stranded driver, or the estimator that helped buy a stranger a tank of gas, these are sometimes the stories that are most worth celebrating.  Authentic acts like these are never done for recognition, but just because it was the right thing to do.
Every month Baker Roofing Company celebrates acts like this.  We call it the ‘Always Good Work Award’  — and it recognizes these acts of Exceptionalism.  Nominated by peers, supervisors, or subordinates, and awarded in person by the Board of Directors (usually by surprise), it has resulted in some of the most memorable moments for the company.  

Celebrate Commitment

It’s easy to celebrate the new addition to the team, taking them out for lunch, and showing outward excitement by introducing them to everyone in the office, but companies often fail to recognize those that have been with the company for years, and even decades.  Formalize your tenure recognition by celebrating it the same time every year and categorically.  At Baker Roofing Company we celebrate every new year, with those employees that have achieved the milestones of  5 years, 10 years, 15 years, etc… (we even have a few who have hit 50 years!).

Celebrate Healthy Living

Let’s face it, when we are working the last thing we often think about is “am I making healthy choices right now?” Having a good working environment includes one that encourages making healthy living choices.  Find ways at work you can implement and encourage activities and choices focused on overall wellness.  Try stretching or exercising at your desk (link), or Pre-job on-sight stretching to help prevent and alleviate muscle soreness.  At Baker Roofing Company, we handed out over 100 Fitbits to employees who committed to an activity level goal, and saw great success! In this case, celebrating really points to an active effort of lending value too. The best perk of all is that being in a constant state of celebrating can also promote healthy lifestyles at your workplace!