Do I have hail damage?

It may just be us, but it seems like anytime the phrase ‘hail damage’ is thrown around there’s a storm chaser not too far behind. We understand that hail damage can be scary! There are definitely scenarios where hail damage can cause your roof to become compromised but we want to help ease your mind by breaking the stereotype and share some truth around hail. We have 4 tips to ease your mind and put you on a path to getting your hail damage assessed the right way! 

  1. Slow down. True hail damage does not require an immediate fix. Do your research on storm chasers. These are the guys that come knowing from door to door and want you to sign a contract quickly. We have found that there is a lot of pressure to rush on making a decision when it comes to potential hail damage. Just remember, hail and wind damage does not need to be addressed immediately! This is a trap and can end up being more of a headache. Most insurances will allow for a claim 1 to 2 years after the damage. That means you can take your time looking up local businesses that have been around awhile. We take a lot of pride in being around for over 105 years and having a dedicated Haag certified sales team.
  2. Find someone that is Haag certified. What is a Haag certification? If you can find a local roofing company that has this certification, it’ll make a big difference! We believe it is extremely important to have our team trained and educated on the things to look for when it comes to hail and wind damage. Even more so, we want to educate you, our customer, on our findings. This certification gives us the highest authority to do that.
  3. Find a contractor that is willing to help work with your insurance adjuster! There are a lot of moving parts with a claim when it comes to hail damage. Find a local contractor that is knowledgable and is willing to walk the roof with the adjuster. We have a lot of experience dealing with insurances adjusters as well as what they look for when assessing your roof damage. We help our customers by navigating the conversation and being the middle-man when it comes to filing your claim.
  4. Education. Ask questions! It’s okay to not know much about storm damage. There is a lot to know and to look for so it always helps to have a list of questions to ask the salesperson. Here is a list of our 3 favorite hail questions to ask when someone comes to assess your damage. We recommend you use this when comparing different local contractors in your area! It will help guide you in making an informed decision about the best team to help you.
We hope these tips help in picking out the right roofing contractor for your storm damage! We are always here to offer a free hail inspection so please reach out with any questions. To learn more about our hail team, click here.

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