5 Challenges People Face When Finding Work They Love

Finding Good Work is Hard Work
5 Challenges People Face when Finding Work They Love


1. Working through a challenging background
Making mistakes in the past doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set job goals and try for the career you want. What is most important is that you are prepared to explain your decisions and mistakes, and discuss what you have learned from those errors. How did your mistakes help you grow? Did they drive you to make changes or improvements in your life?

2. Selecting a company whose values fit your own
It can be hard to know what a company is really like before becoming part of the organization. However, this doesn’t mean you have to go to an interview knowing little about a company’s culture and values. Research the company – look up information they share on their website and social media outlets. Search company leadership, and read reviews from employees and customers on social media and internet sites such as Glassdoor.com. Explore the history of the company, and ask questions as they arise.

3. Confusing job description
Focus on tasks or specific jobs the description mentions for a good understanding of what the job would entail. Many job descriptions include company background information, benefits, and additional information that may not specifically relate to the job you would be performing each day.

Learn the art of asking great questions. Ask for examples of work or tasks you would complete if you held the job, or what the interviewer would describe as a typical daily schedule for a person in this position. Think of questions you have before going into an interview, and make sure you have a purpose in asking each question. Start with broad topics, then focus in where you have more specific questions. Concentrate on the purpose behind each question to make sure your questions are relevant and contributing to the conversation.

“Think of questions you have before going into an interview, and make sure you have a purpose in asking each question.”

4. Lack of connections
Be involved in networking! LinkedIn is a great platform to begin. Start by adding friends, family members, and people you may know (as suggested by the site). Don’t shy away from letting these people know you are looking for employment – even if you don’t know someone who is in the field you hope to join, someone you know might. Follow leaders and mentors who inspire and motivate you to succeed. Comment on posts from these leaders, as well as other connections, and open the doors to an ongoing conversation. Share relevant and interesting content to spark conversations of your own. More than anything, stay engaged!

5. Overcoming tunnel vision 
Be open to new experiences, or jobs you have never considered before. Just because you have stayed in one field for your entire working life, doesn’t mean you can’t make a major change. Statistics show adults typically work anywhere from 10-15 jobs in their lifetime, with the average tenure at a job sitting at only 4.2 years. A company or position might be the perfect fit for your skills and values, but staying focused in a particular industry would keep you from giving it a chance. Broaden your horizons and look for positions that could start you on the path to your “dream job.” Take the first step by submitting an application.

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