Our Divisions & Capabilities

Baker Roofing Company, although established as a commercial roofing contractor in 1915, is not limited in its ability to provide the most complex services to building owners. As a full envelope building contractor, Baker Roofing has the capacity to service numerous styles of roofing as well as roof coatings, structural restoration and waterproofing, renewable energy and sheet metal fabrication. With five additional divisions, Baker Renewable Energy, Baker Restoration, Baker Coatings, Baker Residential & Peak Metal Products, our company is equipped with product knowledge and over 100 years of industry experience.

Residential Home Services

Roofing  |  Siding  | Windows  |  Doors  |  Gutters  |  Gutter Guards  |  Insulation

This division focuses exclusively on residential services that include roofing, siding, windows, doors, gutters, gutter guards and blown attic insulation. Our elite roofing craftsmanship is built on over 100 years of industry experience. We work on all types of roofing systems and with a variety of roofing manufacturers in order to provide homeowners with the best roofing material and warranty that fits their needs.

Concrete and Masonry Restoration & Waterproofing

Concrete Repair  |  Masonry Repair  | Waterproofing  |  Historic Preservation  |  Exterior Restoration

As a division of Baker Roofing, Baker Restoration provides specialty exterior services that include concrete and masonry repair, historic preservation, caulking and waterproofing as well as coatings and concrete restoration and repair. Baker Restoration works on municipal, commercial, institutional and religious structures and has experience working on high profile commercial projects such as, The Grove Arcade, Museum 21C, Wake Forest BB&T Stadium and The Duke Powerhouse.

Residential & Commercial Renewable Energy Services

Solar Power  |  Solar Thermal Systems  | Wind Power  |  Operations & Maintenance

Baker Renewable Energy offers easy design, selection, and installation of solar panel services to our residential clients, eliminating the confusion and challenges of implementing long-term strategy of generating clean, sustainable solar and renewable energy to power your home. We specialize in solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal and wind power systems for the home and housing markets.

Fluid Applied Roofing Systems

Roof Coatings  |  Wall Coatings  |  Industrial Coatings  |  Floor Coatings

Fluid applied roofing systems, commonly referred to as roof coatings, offer a proven and effective method of waterproofing your existing roofing system. It is a common belief that fluid applied roofing systems are only installed on metal roofing. While it is a regular practice to install a coating system on metal roofing, Baker Coatings applies systems on other roof applications such as single ply, built up, and modified roofing systems.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Products

Support Metal  |  Roof Drainage  |  Panels  |  Metal Trim  |  Arched & Radius  |  Copper Products

Peak Metal Products has been operating for over 100 years. With well over a quarter million pounds of material in stock and 18 hours of production daily, we have the ability to deliver your order, often times, the next day and in some cases on the same day. We also have the skill and equipment to handle a wide variety of material and custom projects.