Sustainable Business & Building Practices

Baker Roofing Company is committed to sustainable operating and business practices both on the job site as well as in the office. The company has made intentional decisions to integrate strategies in our normal operations highlighted below:

Baker Power Divison

In 2009, Baker Roofing Company launched a Renewable Energy Division Baker Renewable Energy provides design, engineering, and installation of photovoltaic, solar thermal, and wind power systems with some single systems in excess of 1MW power generation capacity.

Vegetative (Garden) Roofing

Baker Roofing Company launched of a vegetative roofing department that has installed vegetative roofs on residential, commercial, and government facilities. These facilities include the Ritz Carlton, and NC Archives Building.

Recycling Program

Baker Roofing Company has a recycling program for office plastics & paper so as to minimize waste and encourage recycling internally.

Renewable Energy Systems

In 2009, Baker Roofing Company had several renewable energy systems installed at its Raleigh location, including a photovoltaic system and a solar thermal system, and in 2015 the company installed additional solar powered systems across 5 buildings totaling 335kW.


Installation of skylight ‘sola-tubes’ that utilize solar tracking mirrors to maximize day-lighting in the Raleigh sheet metal fabrication facility.

LEED Certified Employees

Baker Roofing Company has 10 LEED Certified Employees on staff, and has worked on multiple LEED Certified Projects – up to and including LEED Platinum.