Baker Roofing HQ Is Ranked in the Top 9 Best Companies to Work for in NC!​

Based on a company-wide evaluation of company features and report of employees’ satisfaction of culture, training, leadership and more: Baker Roofing’s headquarters has been ranked as one of the Best Companies in North Carolina!

We are very proud to announce that Baker Roofing Company has received recognition as one of North Carolina’s top employers and place to work for 2022. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Baker Roofing’s talented employee base extends to over 25 branch locations across 7 states. We are humbled by this recognition and feel truly blessed to work in partnership with the entire Baker team!
John Matthews
Executive Vice President

“Roofing isn’t an easy job. That’s why at Baker Roofing Company, hard work is recognized and rewarded. From gifts of new gear and tools to celebrate completed projects to awards for character, commitment, and length of service, staff know that they are valued.

Even with a team of more than 1,000 people, Baker Roofing Company feels like a family business with frequent cookouts, on-site fitness classes, picnics, charitable work, team-building events, and opportunities for one-on-one time with leadership.”

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