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What a week it has been. You all have been doing a fantastic job of keeping the wheels turning for our customers and our fellow employees. We are grateful for each of you. We are struggling each day with the balance of working for our customers and being safe with our own health and the health of each of our families. While continually encouraged and obligated to work hard to protect our employees and their incomes, we seek to achieve that while adhering to governmental and medical precautions. Nothing about this is easy …

We wanted to take the opportunity to brief / inform all of you of the thought processes and issues that are motivating the business right now and some facts that are emerging in support of those processes. There is no question that economic activity has slowed down in each of our communities, and there is no question that people in our communities (including all of us) are concerned for the health and well-being of each individual. We do not see either of these issues changing in the next few weeks. We all need to approach our efforts day by day and make the best decisions that we can in this ever-changing environment.

North Carolina is now under a stay-at-home order. Many of the orders contain the exact same language and are directed at preventing people from gathering in groups and or with cross sets of people. The guidance in this is to stick to a core of people that is very consistent and keeps you in proximity of the same people each day. This allows you to control your environment(s).

We have ordered truckloads of supplies for the crews and offices – supplies which have not yet arrived despite being ordered more than two weeks ago – this reveals some choke points in our national supply chain system. This slowdown has prompted us to order 2nd and 3rd rounds of cleaning and PPE supplies in the hopes that at least one of these orders arrives ASAP. Please know that we are doing all we can to procure such items from a variety of vendors. Expenses have not been spared on this issue.

Our designation as an ESSENTIAL business by the federal government and state and local municipalities affords us the opportunity to continue to work as well as the honor of being considered critical to our nation’s infrastructure efforts. As we can do so safely, we are committed to keeping employees working. We will work as hard as we have to in an effort to maintain this status. We know that this is an important issue to you and your families. We are needed because of the quality and hard work of each of our employees. This is a time full of anxiety and uncertainty – that is real, and we all feel it. None of us are alone.

We suspect that the coming weeks will present more challenges, especially relative to the national data on Covid-19 confirmed cases. Let’s emotionally brace ourselves for that inevitability while keeping our top priorities of family, customers and co-workers first in our minds and actions. We will continue to update all on the situation as we see it and would like to communicate with all of you as much as needed.

Our most sincere thanks for your hard work and dedication to the company. We will get through this, and we will be stronger for it!

Board of Directors – Baker Roofing Company

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