Gutter Maintenance Checklist

It may feel like an extra cost to invest in gutter maintenance, but in the long term it can really save you some serious cash! We find when homeowners invest in maintenance, they spend less money in the long term.

Gutter Maintenance : Summer Checklist

Whether it’s a sudden storm or the extreme hot sun, the summer weather can be harsh on your gutters. Inspections, cleaning, and draining during the summer time is the best way to make sure your gutters haven’t suffered. There are a number of things that you can do proactively to insure that your gutters last for years to come.

What can you do to maintain your gutters?


Cleaning ~  Clogged gutters will not do their job and have the potential to cause damage. After a spring full of pollen, leaves and flowers fallen and heavy rains no one’s gutters are in a perfect state. The summer is the perfect time to pull out your ladder and check the condition of your gutters. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself we recommend that you call a professional.

Inspections ~ Call us and get a team out to inspect the shape of your gutters. We will inspect and adjust the pitch of the gutter to make sure the water flows correctly. We will also tighten up or rehang loose gutters and check the gutter base for any potential rusting or holes. Call us today to schedule your inspection!

By Alex Manring

Alex has worked at Baker for 5 years! When not at work, she loves spending time outside with her Goldendoodle and her husband Cole, hanging out with her family & friends, trying all the new restaurants in Raleigh, and watching a good movie!

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