Baker's Apprenticeship Program

NCDOL Registered Program Helps Veterans Achieve National Journeyworker Credentials

Apprenticeship is a unique, voluntary, industry-driven program that prepares individuals for occupations requiring a broad range of high-level skills. When apprentices complete their training, they receive nationally recognized credentials, and earn the designation of Journeyman.

Baker Roofing Company is the only roofing contractor in the state of North Carolina that has a Department of Labor (DOL) registered Apprenticeship Program. Our program consists of 3 years of On-the-job training (OJT) as well as 432 hours of related classroom instruction that is geared toward preparing apprentices for careers as foremen, construction managers, and project managers. As a DOL registered program, qualifying military veterans are eligible for G.I. Bill benefits. Come learn more about advancing your career at Baker Roofing Company.