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Rooftop Equipment Installation

Baker Roofing Company has been providing low slope commercial roofing services since 1915. We understand and have mastered the unique skills to ensure your rooftop up-fit is done right the first time; on budget and on time. Because we are a licensed applicator of all major manufacture’s roofing systems it allows us to perform fit-ups, renovations and repairs to all warranted and non-warranted roofing systems.

As the second largest roofing contractor in the nation, we strive to not only to be the best at repairing, rerroofing and maintaining commercial roofs, but also at accommodating building owners by having the capacity to install rooftop equipment on both new and older roofs. As roofing experts, we know the make up of your roofing system inside and out and understand the necessary precautions to take when installing rooftop equipment so as not to damage your roof or cause any unnecessary stress on your roofing system.

The roof is often viewed at the most efficient location for certain equipment and allows the building owners to hide it from pedestrian view. Although placing equipment on the roof may seem like a simple solution, this equipment must be carefully sealed into the roofing system to be watertight. Improper installation and poor maintenance of the roof around the equipment can lead to issues in the future.

Warranty Integrity

Baker Roofing Company is a licensed applicator of all major manufacturers roofing systems. Our HVAC and rooftop equipment related work is completed according to the manufacturer’s required specifications as well as NRCA repair guidelines to ensure your existing warranty stays intact.

Specialized Service Crews

Baker Roofing Company maintains specially trained service crews who are operationally dedicated to providing commercial repair/upfit services. This means that when you have a Baker Service Crew onsite it’s not simply a production crew, but a trained and certified team of service professionals.

On-Time Service

As a nationally recognized specialty contractor, Baker Roofing Company understands the importance of job-schedules and deadlines. Baker Roofing has the resources to, not only commit to tough schedules, but follow through with those commitments, every time.

Quality Control

In addition to trained service crews, Baker Roofing Company’s Commercial Service Division employs a team approach to quality control that includes Department Superintendents, Service Managers and Department Managers who provide project over-site from the first material to job progress inspections and final close out.