Introducing Baker’s Solar Campus. Happy Earth Day!

This Earth Day Baker Renewable Energy is proud to announce the installation over 335kW of solar modules and 3 solar thermal systems on our campus.

This power is primarily used on-site with excess sold back to the grid, or net-metered. The size of this installation will reduce our campus’ utility expenses by 35%, Pay for itself in 4 to 5 years, and provide clean energy to Baker for the next 30+ years.

We make this commitment today so as to be good stewards of limited resources and be mindful of what impact our actions have on future generations. As a 3rd generation, family-owned business, we know we need to look and plan forward.

Baker Renewable Energy has 110kW of this system on our building and is nearly net neutral. We share our meter with our brethren from Peak Metals, Baker’s Sheet Metal Division, and they have some higher power usage than us while they make fantastic metalwork for the Southeast.

This Earth Day look for ways you can be more efficient with energy, consider clean energy, support those in your state that make a difference to the renewable energy efforts such as the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association. Please, also, contact your local representatives to let them know clean, locally generated energy is important to you.

(Trees were pruned after the filming of this drone flight from December)

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