Making Strides in Safety

For the past 10 years, Baker Roofing Company’s Safety Team has worked diligently to achieve an experience modification factor (EMOD) below .70. The EMOD is the rating assigned to a company by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) based on workers’ compensation data from the previous three years. The NCCI takes into account a company’s expected versus actual loss in terms of worker’s compensation claims. A company with an average workers’ compensation claim history will have an EMOD rating of 1.00, and the rating increases if a company’s actual loss exceeds their expected loss. A .69 rating indicates Baker Roofing Company’s overall workers’ compensation process is 31% better than the average roofing company in the United States.

In order to improve the EMOD score our Risk Management Team knew they needed to be stricter on safety inspections. They developed a digital safety sheet for all employees to inspect any site they are on, which provides the ability to go through a checklist of safety concerns and upload pictures if necessary. The input is subsequently scored, and when a low score is detected, the Safety Team is immediately notified so that they are able to rectify the problem quickly. The new system results in approximately 425 safety inspections completed each week. These inspections are vital to keeping our employees safe, and we are so proud of the hard work the team has put in to improving this goal.

The safety of our employees is always our number one priority, but employee safety is not the only benefit to achieving a lower EMOD. A lower score can lead to lower insurance premiums, and can potentially lend a competitive edge to bids on some commercial projects. Understandably, most companies who are hiring a roofing contractor for a large job want to see the EMOD to ensure the company is not having a large number of workplace injuries.

Baker Roofing Company is fortunate to have great Safety and Risk Management Teams. This goal would not have been achievable without their hard work and dedication. We’ve continually improved for the past few years, and our teams have now set their sights on .60!

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