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Keanu, one of our newest employees, is a recent graduate of Cary High School. He first learned about our company at “S.H.E.D. Day,” a partnership between local construction companies and high school carpentry programs. Participating students spend two days building a shed under the supervision of licensed contractors and their teachers. Baker partnered with Cary High School for their SHED day competition, and was able to host Cary students for a practice day prior to the event. Keanu was a participant, and absolutely loved coming to visit Baker. He started to envision Baker as a company who would support and guide him, teaching him the tools of the trade. He is very glad he chose Baker Roofing over alternative employment options, because of his opportunities to grow and advance in the roofing trade.

Keanu’s favorite part about working at Baker Roofing is the variety in tasks he is assigned. On Mondays and Wednesdays, you can find Keanu in the company warehouse unloading shipments or preparing materials for upcoming projects. Tuesdays for Keanu are typically spent in the garage, working with his mentors to fix mechanical issues on fleet vehicles and machinery. This Summer he has already learned how to change the oil and brakes on a car, in addition to working through myriad other automotive issues. The end of the week usually looks very different for Keanu, as it is less physically demanding. On Thursdays and Fridays, Keanu spends his time working with Baker’s Residential Department, shadowing experienced salesmen and project managers. This team introduces Keanu to the financial aspects of the roofing business, in addition to expanding his core knowledge of the intricacies of roofing.

While he has learned a lot about roofs and proper terminology for materials throughout his brief tenure with Baker already, Keanu looks forward to turning 18. After his birthday, he will join a residential roofing crew, allowing him to apply his new knowledge, and the hands-on carpentry skills he learned in high school.

Seth and Henri have acted as mentors to Keanu, dedicating much of their time to teach Keanu the skills for success in the Baker Garage and throughout the company. Before arriving at Baker, he had little knowledge about mechanics, but now notices his skills developing quickly from week to week. Wayne, a safety manager for the Residential Department, oversees Keanu as well, and makes sure his transition to the workforce is going smoothly.

Keanu believes anyone aspiring to take a similar career path should understand the roofing industry can be a realistic path. Over the course of the Summer, he has learned an abundance of material. Keanu credits a slow and detailed process for learning for making the information appear more straightforward and commonsense. He is thankful for this time of learning and is looking forward to putting his knowledge to use on a roof soon! Keanu sees the value in learning the basics, and has already recognized his own growth and accomplishments in the few months he has worked with Baker. The company has provided him with a solid foundation for continued success, and he can’t wait to reach the next level.

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