Monday April 13, 2020 Update

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Baker Family,

We are thinking of each of you and your families this Easter Sunday and are hopeful that you are spending some time together. All of us are thankful for what we have and, more importantly, each other.

We made it through another week – this one was tough! Your continued efforts to make every attempt to work safely are giving our customers confidence in each of our crews as professionals. We encourage each of you to use any and all PPE available to you that makes you feel confident and comfortable working in these environments. There have been multiple orders placed that are arriving on a rolling basis for masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, etc. This effort is coordinated, and many shipments are now being sent directly to branch offices. Inventory of these supplies continues to be a priority as national supplies continue to shrink and become extremely hard to find. The effort to procure these will persist as long as is needed to combat Covid-19.

This week saw some challenges and opportunities that we want to share with each of you:

  • Some form of Shelter in Place orders exist for all of our locations. We encourage each of you to do your best to abide by these orders as directed for Essential workers. In most cases, this means … home – work – home – repeat. All of us staying focused on this pattern will help relieve the spread of Covid-19.
  • Select departments have had to make lay-offs as a result of lack of work due to Covid-19. We are hopeful that this contraction in business will be confined to those departments already affected – these are departments that rely on buildings being open and operational to report leaks, etc (Service and Maintenance) and select residential markets where active customer leads and interest has declined significantly. We are hopeful that such changes will be limited, but we wanted each of you to know that they have occurred.
  • We are monitoring all available government funding sources available through Covid-19 that we are eligible for as a business – due to our size, these are limited. In coordination with our banks and accounting firm, we are reviewing any that may benefit the company through payroll supplements and tax relief – these are supplements that would directly impact and support the company’s ability to maintain payroll in an extended Covid-19 environment.
  • We now have the ability to communicate directly will ALL employees via text. This is a platform that we intend to maintain and continue using long after the COVID-19 situation is over!

Many of our customers still need us. These opportunities are helping to keep the business moving forward:

  • Jobsites across our geographic footprint remain open and schedules are being adhered to as planned. We are seeing these sites, especially those will multiple trades, require further precautions relative to social distancing, PPE and work hours. Please be mindful of your site’s requirements and recommendations through your daily safety huddles.
  • We continue to receive a consistent and active flow of work order requests in support of our commercial customers. Additional rain throughout our region will help this volume. We are hopeful that “April showers …” are on their way!
  • Our bid / pipeline activity for many of our divisions and departments continues to be active. Again, customers are valuing our ability to actively communicate online during the bid process and our ability to continue to have professional, highly skilled crews and project management ready and available to perform work.
  • Our manufacturers and distributors are still open to ensure that materials can be received and delivered on schedule.

As we suspected, the last 10 days have been tough. We have seen a rise in Covid-19 cases nationally. This may continue this coming week and the week after as well. We simply do not know and are making appropriate adjustments daily. What we do know is that we will all get through this together – as a TEAM. There is simply no better way to handle this situation than remaining positive and continuing to support each other in any way we can. You all have done a fantastic job pulling together and thinking about each other. We are so grateful and, frankly, so PROUD of each of you. Keep it up! These are the times when we ALL need each other more than ever.

We will continue to update you on the situation as it changes … stay strong!

Board of Directors
Baker Roofing Company

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