Please be sure to watch the video at the bottom of this message on a new policy of truck sanitation.

Baker Family, We made it through another week (!) – this one was slightly easier than the one before! You are all doing a fantastic job of staying disciplined about hygiene, social distancing and PPE. We urge each of you to continue to use any and all PPE available to you that makes you feel confident and comfortable working in these environments. Relevant supplies arrive weekly now and are being sent to branches in bulk box “care packages” and distributed to employees in all locations. Inventory of these supplies continues to be a priority and coordination and procurement of these critical items will persist as long as is needed to combat Covid-19.

Our Update:

  • Shelter in Place orders continue in ALL locations. We encourage each of you to do your best to abide by these orders as directed for Essential workers. In most cases, this means … home – work – home – repeat. Even as shelter in place orders possibly lift, we will encourage all to be as diligent as possible about continued social distancing and use of PPE.

  • We continue to research corporate and individual funding sources AND government planned expansions and extensions of policies that may impact each of us as individuals. We continue to encourage any of you who have family members adversely affected financially as a result of Covid-19 to learn more about expanded unemployment benefits and expanded withdrawal and loan policies from employer sponsored retirement plans.

  • Our text communication platform continues to be a good way to communicate to ALL employees! We encourage you to remind fellow employees to check these text messages. If questions do exist, an individual can respond to the text. This response will work its way back through the system and be distributed as appropriate.

Our Customers

  • Job sites remain open and schedules are being adhered to as planned. We are seeing these sites, especially those through GCs with multiple trades, require further precautions relative to social distancing, PPE and work hours. Please be mindful of your site’s requirements and recommendations through your daily safety huddles. If you require additional PPE to be compliant please let management in your branch / location know, so that items can be procured or sent from other offices with inventory.

  • As a result of rains last weekend and the beginning of the week, we saw an increase in work order requests in support of our commercial and residential customers. We are hopeful that storms coming through the South this weekend and Monday will create additional service volume!

  • Our bid / pipeline activity for many of our divisions and departments continues to be active. As work is SOLD, we are finding there are opportunities available to fill in the pipeline. This is not the case for every branch / location, so we are trying to communicate and coordinate incoming sales opportunities so that they might be distributed to select offices in need of work. Keeping operational schedules as full as possible remains a priority if we can all continue to observe PPE and social distancing recommendations.

It is our belief that we are all in the critical path right now of our fight against this virus. We will WIN; however, we all must to continue to do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus – do not let up now. You have done a great job so far! It is extremely hard not to be able to shake hands, pat each other on the back, talk in groups, travel in groups, eat in groups, etc. We all miss being able to do each of these actions – but we must remain vigilant.
We remain tremendously PROUD of this entire team. You all exemplify a courageous spirit that respects this virus but will not let it get the best of us. Keep it up!

We will continue to update you on the situation as it changes … stay strong!

Board of Directors
Baker Roofing Company

Truck Sanitation

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