Baker Family,

We have almost made it to May! Hard to believe that we have been living and working this way since mid-March. Your continued and collective efforts to stay healthy are having an impact. While we see many of our state governments assessing phased re-openings, we encourage all to maintain smart social distancing, hygiene and PPE practices as advised.
Here is what we saw this past week:

Our Update:

  • Shelter in Place orders continue in ALL locations. However, we are beginning to see select state governments relax guidance on certain non-essential businesses. That said, this is in no way means like is back to business as usual. Please continue to operate as you have been by restricting your movements to work – home.

  • The Federal government continues to expand financial support offerings to individuals who have been adversely affected by Covid 19 financially. Our HR staff is up to speed on unemployment benefits (benefits which vary state by state) and retirement account loan provisions. While we are hopeful that none of you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of Covid 19, we acknowledge some of you probably are due to the loss of employment of a spouse or dependent. We encourage those who have experienced such loss to take advantage of expanded unemployment benefits.

  • We encourage you to remind fellow employees to check the text messages coming from the company as many of these messages are important messages related to safety and health in addition to the ever-changing PPE compliance requirements for operational job sites. If questions do exist, an individual can respond to the text. This response will work its way back through the system and be distributed as appropriate.

Our Customers

  • No change for most jobsites which remain open and schedules are being adhered to as planned. We are seeing these sites, especially those through GCs with multiple trades, require further precautions relative to social distancing, PPE and work hours. Please be mindful of your site’s requirements and recommendations through your daily safety huddles. If you require additional PPE to be compliant please let management in your branch / location know.

  • This week, we continued to see an increase in the number of service work orders being created in support of our commercial and residential customers. The April weather patterns are really helping to create some service business! That said, we remind all to be careful and observe these weather patterns to protect tie-ins on in progress projects. Extreme weather events are both a blessing and a curse for our business. We need to be respectful of these two impacts.

  • Our bid / pipeline activity for many of our divisions and departments continues to be active. Please know that all involved in selling, estimating and evaluating potential new projects are doing all they can to increase the number of opportunities that we are able to price, and they are being very flexible to make sure that our pricing is appropriately competitive on a market by market basis. We will continue to be on the offensive when it comes to identifying and selling new work. We will also be practical as to how each potential new project fits in with existing schedules and backlogs by branch.

Expense and cost containment remain critical as the economic realities of businesses and communities being shut down persists. Your vigilance and stewardship related to expenses such as non-essential travel, non-job related credit card usage, overtime usage, hiring freeze for salaried positions, wage freeze, and, in some cases, reductions in work hours all help to balance the negative impact of some projects being delayed or cancelled, customers who defer / delay payments, and reductions in our normal revenue volume levels. Thank you and please continue to operate in this manner. We are examining all options for cost containment.

It is becoming very clear that this situation changes frequently and is full of business and personal challenges. No one said this would be easy. Every decision is being evaluated carefully for short term and long-term impact. We remain POSITIVE and tremendously PROUD of this entire team.
We get through this and, as always, we will continue to update you on the situation as it changes … stay CALM and stay STRONG!

Board of Directors
Baker Roofing Company

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