Baker Roofing Company
Per Diem Procedure – Revised / Effective 8/15/2022

For Field Employees:
Per Diem is paid at $30 for overnight stays

Rain Days: If a crew is out of town and weather keeps the men from working for one or more days, the foreman and/or employee will need to add per diem(s) to Exaktime for each of those days to get paid. Exaktime must show the date of the occurrence, the job name and number.

Please note: Should an employee choose to NOT work while out of town, that employee will not be entitled to the per diem for that day not worked.

For Superintendent / Construction Managers and Project Managers:
Per Diem is paid at $30 for overnight stays

  • This per diem is intended as a supplement to off-set the inconvenience of work travel. It is not intended to fully replace the cost of all meals and expenses.
  • This per diem will be processed just like the field – i.e., post travel and via payroll
  • To request this per diem payment, CMs/PMs must fill out the Per Diem Request Form. Contact HR or Payroll for the form.
  • As usual department heads will have to approve the timesheet and all per diem requests.
  • Reminder: Day trips DO NOT apply. Per Diem payments must be associated with work on a job that requires an overnight stay.