Fluid Applied Floor Coatings

Baker Coatings provides high performance coating options that are typically found in commercial buildings with a need for easy cleaning. Fluid Applied Floor Coating interior applications include floors in restaurants, day care centers, commercial garages, restrooms, janitor rooms, locker rooms, day care centers and laboratories. Typically, coatings are used to seal concrete, but Fluid Applied systems can also be applied to wood, steel and asphalt.

Fluid Applied Floor Coating products are formulated to restore, protect and beautify concrete and other substrates, while enhancing the value and performance of commercial, industrial and institutional facilities worldwide. Trained Professional Applicators ensure that your coating system will provide high-quality, long-term performance. Our Fluid Applied System Technologies work with sustainable facilities in achieving the maximum available LEED Credits for new & existing buildings.

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Is your commercial or industrial building in need of a floor coatings solution? We can help! We have decades of experience working with different types of coatings systems to provide you the best possible product with a comprehensive warranty. For more information about floor coatings, provide us with your business location and contact details and we will be in touch to set up an appointment to discuss your options.

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