Fluid Applied Wall Coatings

Baker Coatings not only has the capability to apply Fluid Applied Coatings to large-scale commercial buildings, but can also provide businesses with sustainable Wall Coatings. Fluid Applied (Elastomeric) wall coatings are a great way to weatherproof a wall or multiple walls. Our wall coating services are energy efficient, cost effective, and visually appealing alternatives to other wall restoration materials. Fluid Applied wall coatings are available in a variety of colors and textures in order to provide a flexible weatherproof barrier that also bridges cracks.

Baker Coatings recommends Fluid Applied Wall Systems for a variety of surfaces including EIFS panels, block, brick and pre-cast stone. Once a structure is prepared and the coating systems has been applied properly, the surface will be protected for years against water penetration. Fluid Applied Wall Systems are typically the most effective service for commercial buildings that are made up of porous building materials, or those prone to cracking and settling.

Waterproof Barrier

Elastomeric wall coatings provide a resilient and breathable waterproof barrier for above grade applications and are the perfect solution for commercial and industrial structures. Baker Coatings comes with 100 years of industry experience and is the preferred contractor for elastomeric coatings due to our affordable roofing solutions, and the promise we have made over 100 years ago, to provide always good work.

Affordable System

Baker Coatings offers professional coating services that are not only quality products in the industry but also considered to be cost effective solutions when compared to other elastomeric coating companies. We strive to earn our client's trust and business that is why we are constantly searching for more affordable coating options that will provide longer and more comprehensive warranties.

Protecting your business

Before applying the wall coating system, our professional applicators will take the proper precautions to protect surrounding areas, and control the drift (the distance elastomeric coating particles travel when they are caught by the wind). Clean up of most wall coatings is fairly easy, and only requires soap and water while the coatings are still wet. After finishing the coating application, the surface is easy to maintain and may only need a rinse every few years.

Complimentary Wall Coatings Quote

Does your business have a need for wall coatings, either interior or exterior? You've come to the right place. We have experience coating vertical surfaces of all shapes and sizes. Interested in learning more about fluid applied coatings systems or want to receive a estimate for your project? Give us more information about your business location and contact details and we will be in touch to set up a preliminary consultation.

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