Meet Howell: One of Our Regional Sales Managers
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a family farm since 1925

Howell Dunlap has been a Regional Sales Manager at Baker Roofing Company for years, guiding our sales team and traveling to offices across North Carolina. We are all shaped by the place that we call home. For Howell, home is a beautiful, serene, family farm north of Greensboro, NC. The property has been his family’s farm since 1925. His grandparents built a homestead that they lived in for their entire lives and has been passed down through three generations. In the early years the property served as a tobacco farm. Howell can recall stories of his grandmother up before dawn preparing biscuits for all who were working on the farm. She had a separate kitchen from the main house where she could be found throughout the day preparing full meals for lunch and dinner. Tobacco farming was grueling work for the entire family. When the tobacco had been harvested and was in the barns to be dried out, a fire needed to be going around the clock. Howell’s father would carry a small bench with him at night to sleep on while he stoked the fire.

When Howell’s father took over the farm, it transitioned to a cattle farm having at one point sixty head of cattle on the property. It is clear that a love for this property and a dedication to preserving it has been passed down through the generations. Howell had spent a great deal of time at the farm during his life, so when the opportunity to make it his own home presented itself, he knew it was the right decision. Howell lives on the property now with his wife Kim, and two young children. They have made changes to make the property their own and better align its use to their own ideals. Howell has moved away from cattle farming and is hoping to have a few Highland cows join the family as pets. One reason for this transition was a desire to be more environmentally conscious. Cattle farming can be strenuous and damaging to the land. As shown in the photos to the left, the farm recently became home to two rescue horses as well. The peaceful, quiet farm is their ideal retirement plan. You may also see an energetic Australian Shepard bouncing around. Howell’s dog, Roman, takes his role as herder of the farm very seriously and he can often be found running in the open fields and herding anyone or any animal nearby.

Howell and his wife Kim have created a home rooted in heritage that still fits their own personal style. Updates to the inside of the home, and specifically the kitchen, are a great example of keeping the bones of a beautiful, old home, while still evolving. The farm is their happy place, a retreat to enjoy nature, and the only home their children have known. Being able to enjoy this place and the legacy that accompanies it is something to be grateful for. As busy as the world is today, it is important to take the time to look back at what we are grateful for. When Howell meets with his team each week, he has every person start off by sharing something that they are thankful for. Taking a moment to appreciate their health, their family, or their home sets a wonderful tone for the day. The things that we are grateful for are usually the same things that motivate us each day. As a company founded in 1915, we are grateful for our history. We are grateful for our Baker Family and people like Howell who see the value in preserving a legacy.