Congratulations to the Fall 2017 Rebekah Baker Scholarship Recipients

The Rebekah Baker Scholarship selection committee is pleased to announce Emma O’Brien and Yelizaveta Petrova as winners, selected from an extraordinarily competitive candidate group for the Fall 2017 semester.  Each of these candidates received the $2,000 tuition scholarship for the semester, allowing them the chance to continue pursuit of their dreams.


Rebekah Baker was the Chief Financial Officer for Baker Roofing Company from 1995 to 2009, when she lost her battle with cancer.  She loved spending time with her children and grandchildren, reading, playing logic games, and solving puzzles, and was a true exemplar of Baker Roofing Company’s “Always Good Work” ideals. The Rebekah Baker Scholarship was established to award financial assistance to employees’ children based on their need, academic aspirations, and display of “Always Good Work.”  Rebekah was always willing to help those in need, and believed strongly in seeing the good in everyone.  She firmly felt that anyone could be successful if allowed another chance at their dreams. Rebekah would be proud of the courage and drive of Emma and Yelizaveta as they continue to pursue their dreams.

Emma is a Sophomore at East Carolina University, and is looking forward to learning more about herself, and finding new opportunities, as she finalizes plans to study abroad in Italy during the Spring semester. She is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Sports Studies, and is excited to learn more about international culture and lifestyles as she has the chance to travel across Europe during her four months abroad. Previously visiting Australia and New Zealand opened her eyes to new ways to overcome personal obstacles, and encouraged her to see the world in a different light. Emma continues to seek experiences that will teach her more about herself and the various cultures, and hopes to gain a greater perspective of the world.  As she begins to think about her life after college, Emma is thankful to receive this scholarship that allows her the privilege to have hands on learning experiences. She looks forward to absorbing as much as she can from other ways of life around the globe, while she prepares for Graduate School or finding a job she enjoys after graduation.

Yelizaveta, known to her friends as Liza, came to the United States from Kazakhstan, by way of Thailand, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, and France. Living in and traveling through so many places in the world has allowed Liza to experience diversity in terms of life conditions, customs, and culture in an extremely personal way. She arrived in America knowing that her environment here would allow her to achieve any goal she set for herself, as long as she continues to persevere and work toward her dreams. Liza enrolled in Wake Technical Community College to improve her English before transferring to North Carolina State University. The Rebekah Baker Scholarship will help her begin on the path to reaching her dream of becoming a Financial Analyst.  The Scholarship not only motivates and encourages Liza to perform well, but also provides some much-needed financial relief as Liza continues to help her mother adjust to their new American life.

Baker Roofing Company would once again like to offer congratulations to these two well-deserving recipients of the Fall 2017 Rebekah Baker Scholarship.  We wish them the best in all they do, and look forward to seeing their success and growth.

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