The Perfect Gutter Protection System – It Doesn’t Exist…

“Lifetime Performance Warranty!” … “No Maintenance Required!”

These claims sound promising, but here are some facts about gutter guards that homeowners should know before choosing their gutter protection system.

The concept of protecting gutters from debris accumulation (gutter guards) is nothing new to the market. Since gutters became a “standard issue” component for most homes, the need and demand for gutter guards naturally followed. Through the years, gutter guard manufacturers have attempted to create the perfect gutter guard through numerous types of designs and ideas.

There are many gutter protection products on the market, so deciding which product is the best for your home can be challenging. Many homeowners have invested in various gutter protection systems, only to have them fail. Some have given up and simply resorted to paying for frequent gutter cleaning services.

Since 1915, Baker Roofing Company/Baker Residential has installed or removed almost every type of gutter and gutter protection system in existence. We have yet to witness a gutter or gutter protection system that was completely maintenance-free. These systems need to be inspected, adjusted and maintained periodically. Overhanging tree growth must be kept in check, joints, drains and outlets, screens, covers, and grates need to be examined and maintained in order for them to perform properly. Maintenance-free gutters and gutter protection systems do not exist and are a myth.

Cost, style and functionality can vary greatly from product to product. So with most manufacturers making claims that their product is the best, which system is the best choice for your home? Which system really works?

The answer:
The level of performance expectations of any gutter guard depends on, but is not limited to, quantity and type of vegetation and the resulting debris, sap and other by- products the vegetation may yield, especially that which is in close proximity to the gutter system to be protected. The design, construction and composition of the guard along with the balance between price and performance are all important factors. All have positives and negatives.

Warranties: it is not uncommon to find warranties offered by manufacturers of gutter protection products to sound so excellent they are unbelievable. These warranties typically cover the material itself and the performance, though the fine print typically has numerous exclusions that leave the buyer with little real coverage. We warranty only that the particular system of choice will be installed to manufacturers specifications. We do not provide any warranty as to the performance of the product, when properly installed, nor do we warranty the material itself.

Realizing that there is demand from our customers for gutter protection products, it is our intention to recommend and provide a sensible gutter protection solution as a tool to reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning and maintenance so they can do perform their intended purpose – to properly manage the concentrated water runoff from your roof to ground-level so as to prevent damages to your home.

In our experience, where “sensible” is defined as balance between performance, functionality, durability, versatility, aesthetics and price, the most sensible gutter protection option on the market has proven to be RainDrop Gutter Guards. This guard is, in our opinion, one of the best products available for the dollar spent. It is a simple, sturdy, and cost-effective product that we offer as a solution for our customers.

There are many types of gutter protection systems that will assist in keeping your gutters clean, but it must be understood that some maintenance will be necessary. A perfect gutter protection system, one that is completely maintenance-free, simply does not exist.

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