ISSUE NO 23 | MAY 2020

“The difference between good and great, is often not that much. The greatness lies in those that diligently go out and do the work consistently day in and day out.”

- Unknown
I hope your past week has been a great one. As I went about my week, I have been thinking about our motto here at Baker Roofing. Specifically, the “Always Good work” portion. I have mulled this phrase over and over in my mind. This past week I had the opportunity to work in the “trenches”, as we say. It was hands-on work, and I was able to see and do things I have not done in quite some time. I witnessed employees, subs and even a General Manager…yes…a general manager out working and doing “Good Work”. I pondered specifically the “Always” portion of this phrase. How do we as a company go out and “always” do good work? As mentioned above the difference between those that are good and those that are the best is often those whom are the most consistent; day in and day out…always. Saying, “always” can conjure, in my mind, perfection, consistency and bringing it every single day, every opportunity and in every small detail. Is this possible? Can we as a people which make up this great company “Always” do something? In the shortest answer I know…yes. Yes, we can bring the words from our motto to life every single moment in every single day. You might be thinking…really Luke? How do we do that? We are not perfect people. This is true, and I will give you that. However, I believe we have grown as a company and reached the level we have because we have depended upon each other. We have learned to stay strong and see each other as an ally. Communication, a willingness to learn and put our own thinking aside so we can learn from each other is our strength. Whether we are low-slope or steep-slope we can learn from each other and build assets to help each other. At the crux of it, we as Baker are a roofing company and everything we do, all services fit under that umbrella. Whether you carry a roofer’s hatchet, or you carry a welder for single-ply we are all working to the same end. That end being, “Always Good Work”. So yes, we can go each day and always do good work. I personally enjoy history and knowing the beginnings of things. A company our size and the legacy of our business has given us quite the storied history to tell. It is incumbent upon each of us, to know what those before us have accomplished and learned. There is a certain legacy Baker Roofing has. Sometimes it easy to get accustomed to something and in doing so we can lose context. Baker Roofing is a rarity in the construction world. For a company to survive this long and not only survive but thrive is a marvel. Imagine with me, if you will, the humble beginnings. W.P. Baker riding into Raleigh, NC on a mule in January of 1901. He was 14 years old at the time. He was leaving a pained past and looking to the future. He survived a serious illness and began learning tinning earning a whopping 50 cents a week. This was all by the time he was 16 years old. He grew in knowledge and stature. He later married and in September of 1915, in the southwest quadrant of Raleigh, he opened his shop. The banner read, “W.P. Baker Co, tinner.” The companies name first appeared in the city directory in 1917. The small sign, that bears our now famous motto, was hung. There is no way that Mr. Baker, at that time, could know what he had begun would spring into what it is today. We need to remember that what we do, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is worth doing and it is always worth doing well. When we do the right thing, when we go above and beyond, when we stay the extra thirty minutes, when we make that last phone call, when we do what we are supposed to, when we ascribe to the standard that has been set for us, by the “Always Good Work”, we will reap the benefits. And the benefits can be exponential. Think of all the individuals, the families, communities, states, countries and generations that have been affected all because one man on mule, in 1901, in the small town of Raleigh decided to go for it all and to ALWAYS DO GOOD WORK. Let’s get after it…have a great week.

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