How to Make a Tomato Cage Christmas Tree​

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Tomato cages can be purchased from your local hardware or gardening store in a variety of sizes. If you plan to use your tomato tree outdoors, it is helpful to have a pot or planter that the finished product can be set in for added stability. Gather your garland, lights, ribbons, and any other decorations you may want to add to your tree.

Now that you have gathered all the items you’ll need, it is time to shape your tomato cage. Flip the cage upside down, so that the larger, circular end is on the ground, and bend the top section of the cage as needed to achieve a cone shape. Depending on the thickness of the wire, you may need pliers to help shape the cage. Once your cage is shaped, bring the individual wires at the top together to form a point.

Then, use a zip tie or rubber band to hold the wires in place. Now your cage is ready to decorate! We chose to use green garland, for a classic look, but feel free to get creative with garland color and texture. If you want to have lights on your tree, it is best that they be attached to your garland before you put it on the tomato cage. You can buy pre-lit garland or use zip ties to attach a strand of lights to plain garland.

Starting at the wide base of your tree, wrap your garland around working upward. You can also overlap the garland to create a thicker looking tree. As you work your way up you will need to secure the garland to the wire of the cage. We used zip ties, but hot glue is a more discrete alternative. Once you have worked your way to the top, the end of the garland can be easily tucked into one of the top layers of garland.

Now it is time to add ribbons and ornaments to your liking! Being that Baker Roofing red is our favorite color, we chose to add red bells and snowflakes to our tree. Your tree can be as simple, or as colorful as you choose. Get the whole family involved in the fun of Christmas decorating!

By Alex Manring

Alex has worked at Baker for 5 years! When not at work, she loves spending time outside with her Goldendoodle and her husband Cole, hanging out with her family & friends, trying all the new restaurants in Raleigh, and watching a good movie!