Top 3 Benefits of Metal Roofing​

Metal is often the preferred roofing material for commercial application due to its solid, low maintenance surface. This resilient product is designed to be one of the most durable roofing materials that will not only withstand the elements for many years, but also maintain a very polished and appealing look for its entire lifespan. If you are debating what type of roof to put on your business, let us help make your decision easier by offering some of the best metal roofing features and benefits:

1. Lifespan

The lifespan of a metal roof is one of the biggest benefits to choosing metal over a more traditional style of roofing material. These roofs are expected to last 50 years or longer if maintained properly. A metal roof will last an average of five times longer than a typical asphalt roof.

2. Fire and Weather Resistance

Due to their material composition, metal roofs can withstand the elements far better than a shingle roof. Metal roofs are built to be resistant to harsh conditions such as snow, rain and wind. A metal roof can withstand winds of 140 miles per hour, and they are also great for snowy conditions if designed properly; it is recommended to install with a minimum slope of one inch per foot in snow country. Metal is also fire resistant which is a very attractive feature for those businesses that require the use of excessive heat and/or fire during their normal operations, for instance manufacturing facilities, restaurants and foundries.

3. Easy Installation

Metal roofs tend to be easier to install for experienced roofing professionals. Due to metals ability to be fabricated in a variety of sizes, and typically in very large pieces, installation is often easier when compared to a shingle or asphalt roof that requires hand nailing shingles or the use of torches and other materials. What this means for a business owner or facility manager is that labor costs may be lower and your business is able to have a new roof installed as quickly as possible so as not to interrupt business hours and daily operations.

By Alex Manring

Alex has worked at Baker for 5 years! When not at work, she loves spending time outside with her Goldendoodle and her husband Cole, hanging out with her family & friends, trying all the new restaurants in Raleigh, and watching a good movie!