Top 3 things to Consider When Choosing a Roof Color

Roof color is specific to your own preference! We have a few things to consider when picking your color!

By Molly Matthews

shingle roof replacement

Have you been standing outside your house contemplating what color you need to pick for your new roof? Maybe spending too much time on Pinterest (PS we have a board for that – check it out, here!) googling houses that look like yours? We get it! A new roof is a big investment, and not one that you want to regret. We have a few suggestions to consider when picking our your new roof color below. Also, don’t forget that we have a dedicated Home Exteriors team that is happy to get you samples and talk you through color and design options as you work to pick out the perfect roof for your home!

The color of a roof can completely change the look of your home. Baker Roofing Company is going to share the top three factors to consider when choosing a new roof. 

1. The Other Components of Your House ~ Think about the Colors of Your Siding or Windows. What colors might go well with them? Would you like your roof to match your siding? Choosing a bold color for your roof is not always the best choice. This is because your roof is one of the biggest surfaces of your home.

2. Architectural Style ~ Not every color works with every home color. First you must determine your home’s style and choose a color that will best highlight its features. It’s important that you know that your color choice also affects your home’s architecture. Light colors can visually enlarge your home, while dark ones do the opposite.

3. Light colored shingles ~ Lighter shingles reflect the sunlight best which helps to keep your house the coolest. Dark colored shingles tend to absorb the heat and this makes your home warmer. Make sure that you choose a color that not only looks good but also makes you comfortable.

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