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Baker Roofing Visits Ludowici Headquarters

brc employee standing outside the ludowici headquarters with their sign
We often think about the quality and products we are providing to our customers by looking at old processes while aiming to improve them without sacrificing the true value to the consumer. Baker Roofing is committed to always good work. Our good work starts with quality training and materials.

A few weeks ago, our team visited the Ludowici corporate headquarters in Ohio. Ludowici makes terra cotta tile products from clay mined a few miles away from their New Lexington, OH factory. 

We watched as clay was mixed, formed into blocks, and tested for quality. Ludowici has strict standards, and any clay that does not pass the test gets separated into large bins. The rejected clay goes back to be broken down, remixed and retested. The approved clay moves on to the next step.

We watched an artisan hand mold the fresh clay against a cast to form a specialized piece. At another station, a team worked on cutting tile and stamping the Ludowici name into the underside of the fresh product. We walked through the glazing processes, and the team showed us the large kilns used to finish the product. There is an exact science to the color the tile will become after it is fired in a kiln. The ceramic engineers even work to match the historic tiles, taking great pride in offering such a wide array of color and texture variations. Ludowici has been making their tile in the United States for over 130 years, and as a true test of time, many of their processes have not changed. For every procedure, there is a quality standard that the procedure protects.

The craftsmanship of their roof tiles provides an unmatched aesthetic that can be found on buildings of all kinds, including both historic and newly built homes and businesses. Baker Roofing Company is honored to be an Elite Crown Roofer with Ludowici and has hand-installed Ludowici tile on notable buildings at Duke University, the Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville High School, and homes and businesses across the country. Together, the materials we use and our skilled roofers installing these materials deliver the quality product that Baker is proud to stand behind.

If you are interested in getting Ludowici tiles installed on your home, we highly recommend finding an accredited installer in your area. The Ludowici Crown Roofing program is extremely difficult to attain and ensures you will have your beautiful new tile roof done right!

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