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Welcome to Baker Roofing Company, serving businesses and homes for over 100 years.


Baker Roofing Company, founded in 1915, has grown to become one of the nation’s largest, oldest, and most respected roofing contractors. We were founded under the belief that every project should be completed the right way, and we will be here to stand behind our promise for centuries to come.


From our very start, Baker Roofing Company has been a contractor that has understood and served business needs. We understand the complexities of roofing in a commercial environment and execute on our projects with minimal interruptions and on budget.


Built on the foundation of over 100 years of construction experience, Home Exteriors by Baker, is a recognized leader in the home exterior remodeling space. We offer roofing, siding, windows, gutter, and door services.


Operating from over 25 offices spread across the Southeast, Baker Roofing Company has the resources in place to help serve your individual home, business, institution, or multiple sites spread across our footprint. Click to find your closest Baker Roofing Company office.

Over 100 years of success built on a simple promise to do what's right.

In 1915, W. P. Baker I hung a sign up in his shop that said “We shall do good work. At a profit if we can, at a loss if we must. But always good work.”  To this day the original sign hangs in our corporate office and the message remains a constant reminder of our professional commitment to our clients, to our community, and to ourselves.  Trust Baker Roofing Company with your next project, and we promise you will not be disappointed.

Looking for a little insight or research?

Are you looking to start some research on your roofing project? Do you have questions about roofing, siding, windows, doors, or more? We’ve started compiling our experience and know-how to help share that with you, hoping it will help you with your next project!

image of a blog to help with roofing research by Baker Roofing Company