Baker Roofing Company

Full Building Envelope Contractor

Meet Baker Roofing's Divisions

Baker Restoration & Waterproofing

Repairing and Restoring Building Exteriors Since 1915

Baker Restoration is a division of Baker Roofing Company who has been providing building envelope repair and restoration since 1915. Baker provides everything from below grade waterproofing to new roof installation and everything in between! Baker is your one stop for everything on your building’s exterior.

Peak Metal Products

Large Inventory, High Volume, & Fast Turnaround Sheet Metal Fabrication
Our Sheet Metal Shop in Raleigh, NC has been operating for over 100 years. With well over a quarter million pounds of material in stock and 18 hours of production and metal fabrication daily, we have some of the shortest lead-times out there. We also have the skill and equipment to handle a wide variety of metals, materials and custom projects. We stand behind our work and depend on satisfied customers to grow so you can count on us to be a dependable partner. We want to earn your business by providing the quality products you need at competitive prices with short lead-times.

Baker Coatings

Fluid Applied Roofing & Traditional Roofing
While some applications of roof coatings require a tint to be added for aesthetic reasons, most commercial buildings will utilize a white coating for the added energy savings. Baker Coatings evaluates each of their manufacturing partners in the area of product quality, business strength and customer service. We have done the research necessary to be confident in the quality of the products we apply. That being said, coating your roof can be a challenging undertaking, and we are here to make it easier for you.