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Why We Love Slate

green tile roof mid-installation with man in Baker safty equipment inspecting work

Reynolda House Museum of American Art Roof Replacement

Baker Roofing Company’s commercial steep slope team has been on the site of a major historic overhaul since June of 2021. The Reynolda House, the …

aerial photos of slate roof with copper details surrounded by green trees

Top 6 Benefits of Slate Roofing

Considering a slate roof for your home? Here are the top six features of a slate roof that will help you decide if slate is …

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Gray and Blue slate roof with copper details

Natural vs. Synthetic Slate: Pros and Cons

Tempted to cover your roof with slate? We don’t blame you! Slate is a classic premium roofing system that has maintained its beauty and desire …

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Design Ideas

roofer repairing the roof of a home

Do I Need a Roof Repair or Replacement?

Uh oh, there’s a damp spot on your ceiling. Water is trickling through the roof. What should you do? Depending on the material it’s made …

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male roofer in safety assessing a shingle roof

4 Questions You Should Ask a Roofing Contractor Before Starting Your Project

Getting roofing repairs done can be nerve-wracking, especially for first-time homeowners. After all, your home is your most significant investment and you don’t want a …

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