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Baker Roofing Company has been installing and servicing commercial roofs for over 100 years.

Commercial Roofing Contractor

Baker Roofing Company knows commercial roofing. Baker has been installing commercial roofs since its founding in 1915, and has continued to install low-slope (flat roofing) across the southeast for over 100 years. Baker Roofing has grown to become the 7th Largest Roofing Contractor in the US as well as recognized as ENR SE’s Specialty Contractor of the Year.

We understand the complexities of providing the absolute best in industry commercial roofing installations, while ensuring minimal or no impact on your daily operations. Baker Roofing Company is your roofer of choice for commercial roof replacement services.


When your roof is beginning to reach the end of its life, it begins to present a number of different characteristics that help you to know it’s time to replace it rather than repair it. We always encourage the repair of a roof rather than replacing it, but, when it’s time, we’re here to help!


Not every leaking or again roof needs to be replaced. Often times, a roof that is leaking, can be misdiagnosed as a failing roof. While all roofs will eventually fail, many roofs that are damaged or leaking can simply be repaired. Baker operates self-performing service crews specially trained in restoring old roofs.

Maintenance Contracts

Preventative maintenance will always be the best approach in effectively managing any asset and roofs are no different. We offer preventative maintenance programs that will help you be proactive with your roofing assets across 1 or 1,000 properties. We can help you forecast and minimize roof expenditures.


For over 100 years, Baker Roofing has been working with general contractors and developers successfully complete their new construction projects. We understand the values of bringing a job in on budget, on time, and most importantly safely. We have been a trusted name with GC’s nationwide.