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Baker Roofing Company is proud to be Greenville’s trusted source for commercial roofing projects. We understand the importance of maintaining a facility to protect a company’s inventory and provide an ideal environment for both employees and customers. Maintaining the roof of that building is one of the most critical aspects. That’s why when companies from Greenville need help with their roof, they turn to Baker Roofing. Whether you need commercial roofing repair or installation services, we are here to help. No project is too big or too small and we do everything we can to avoid disrupting your daily operations.

New Commercial Roofing Construction Projects

We have over a century of experience working with large industrial corporations, government entities, and other businesses throughout Greenville. Baker Roofing has the experience and specialized knowledge to handle any new commercial roofing installation.

We become a natural extension of the existing team by making sure we work closely with existing general contractors or other project managers to understand the full scope of the project. This helps us ensure the job is completed on time and according to the highest industry standards. We use the latest project coordination and communication tools to make sure that every project runs as smoothly as possible.

Designing Your New Commercial Roof

Each new Greenville commercial roofing project begins with a series of meetings. These meetings review the current space, your goals, and your budget. From there, we start designing a superior roofing system that will meet all your needs and prepare you for future success. As the largest and most experienced commercial roofing company in Greenville, we are fully equipped to provide accurate estimates and offer our opinion on assembly and engineering issues when necessary.

Once the design has been finalized, our submittal and installation team will take the reigns. You can rest easy knowing this process will be smooth, seamless, and directly in line with existing deadlines. We have one of the largest professional submittal departments on staff that are well-versed in Greenville’s guidelines, forms, and procedures. This helps us stay on the timeline and avoid delays. Throughout the roof installation process, the Baker Roofing Company will keep our lines of communication open, while putting our plan into action.

Greenville Commercial Roofing Company Repairs

Commercial companies throughout Greenville rely on Baker Roofing Company for all their roof repairs. We provide 24/7 emergency services so that you can get expert help whenever you need it. Our experienced team will quickly identify the source of the problem and provide you with all the repair solutions available. Perhaps best of all, our employees are licensed applicators for major roofing material manufacturers, which ensures that our repairs will not void your warranty.

We also offer our clients preventative maintenance plans, which can help building managers and facility owners maintain their facilities better and budget for repairs. These programs will not only keep your clientele happy, but it will also help minimize repair costs down the road.

Learn more about Baker Roofing Company and our Greenville commercial roofing services by calling today. A friendly and knowledgeable representative would be happy to answer any of your roofing questions. They can also schedule an immediate repair appointment or a meeting to discuss new commercial construction projects.

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