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Vinyl siding is one of the most popular exterior looks for homes in North America. This durable, low maintenance material is both attractive and affordable. Vinyl comes in a huge selection of colors and offers a wide selection of coordinating trims. Home Exteriors by Baker, a Division of Baker Roofing Company, offers several different options in vinyl siding. Each type of vinyl siding offers different benefits, including style options, insulation, and size. Our professional siding installers can help you decide which type of vinyl siding is best for your home. Contact Baker Today!

What is Insulated Vinyl Siding?

A recent design innovation in siding technology, insulated vinyl siding, is an attractive option that includes the thermal benefit of added home insulation. You get the beautiful finish and low maintenance of traditional vinyl siding, and also gain savings in reduced energy costs–manufacturer information states that your home’s R-factor can actually increase up to 22%! Your home will even be quieter inside after your insulated vinyl siding is installed as it reduces the amount of outside noise that enters your home. Additionally, the rigidity of insulated vinyl siding actually increases the strength of your building and offers impact resistance. 


Minimal Maintenance

Siding is always a great option for longevity and minimal maintenance. Siding typically lasts awhile and does not need many repairs during its’ lifespan.​


Multiple Style Colors

Siding is a great option for homeowners that are interested in many different style and color options for the exterior of their home! You can mix different siding style


Increased R- Value

Some insulated vinyl siding products can increase your home’s overall r-value by 22%!​


Sound Control

The increase in insulation reduces the sound permeability of your walls, making your home quieter.​


Impact Resistence

The insulation backing behind the vinyl siding increases the materials rigidity and impact resistance.​


Reduce Energy Bills

The increase in r-value directly influences the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home.​

Our Certifications

In addition to the appropriate GC license, our team maintains industry certifications for roofing, siding, windows, doors, gutters and insulation.