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Invite natural light into your home with skylights.

Skylight installation and repair by Baker.

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Invite natural light into your home with skylights.​

Skylights draw in light to your indoor spaces to create a more naturally lit home.

Home Exteriors by Baker is a trusted skylight installer backed by over 100 years of experience with residential roofing and windows. From natural light to energy savings, there are many benefits to having skylights as a part of your roofing system. That said, like any penetration in your roof, they can become a vulnerability if not properly installed. Proper installation of skylights is critical to preventing leaks. Our team of experienced skylight installers are meticulous in their process to ensure your skylight is watertight. The other key component to skylight durability is the quality of the product itself. Baker Roofing Company is a certified Velux Installer. Velux Skylights are known for their longevity and the numerous options that they offer.

Many homeowners find themselves searching for “skylight installers near me” in hopes of finding a reputable local contractor. The Home Exteriors by Baker team is the area’s best skylight installer for residential properties. We will work with you to ensure the skylight you select works well with your roofing system, but also compliments the look of your home’s interior.

What are the benefits of skylights?

  1. Natural Lighting: Skylights bring in a lot of natural light that can change the look of an entire room. Natural light is also better for your family’s health than artificial light. The light offered by a skylight can even improve your circadian rhythm, improve focus, and make you happier overall!

  2. Energy Savings: When you are enjoying the natural light from your skylight replacement, there is no need to turn on your overhead lights! They also help regulate the temperature of your home by allowing some hot air to escape, leading to reduced cooling costs.

  3. Increased Home Value: Improvements like skylight installation may add equity to your home and potentially increase the resale value.