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Roofing the Tallest Residential Building in Nashville

Tall glass building

Last year Baker Roofing Company’s Nashville team completed one of their most challenging projects; roofing the tallest residential building in the state. The 505 Nashville is an elegant, residential sky scraper, home to luxury apartments. When our Nashville team received the contract in 2016, they knew it would pose a few challenges due to its height and downtown location, but they were up to the task

One of the main challenges the team faced was site logistics. Since 505 Nashville is in the heart of downtown, deliveries of material and equipment had to be coordinated very carefully to ensure they were on time and not blocking traffic. Once the material was delivered, it had to be staged on the roof and moved multiple times during install as there was no space available for a designated lay down area. The team also had to change their routines to accommodate the height of the building.

Because 505 Nashville is 47 stories tall, accessing the roof was time consuming for our team. All working on the project were instructed to bring their lunch and be prepared to stay on the roof throughout the day. They also arrived on the job site before most other trades, and stayed later to ensure they could complete each phase. There were several other trades working in the same area, so it was crucial to schedule any other work that needed to be completed prior to the roof.
The roof itself was installed in a few phases. First, the team had to torch down the vapor barrier on the concrete deck. Secondly, they adhered two layers of flat iso (insulation) to prepare for adhering the full tapered roof and DensDeck. Lastly the team torched down the Soprema base sheet followed by the Soprema Soprastar cap sheet.

We are proud of the hard work our Nashville team put in to complete this project. It was a great example of our motto, “Always Good Work.” Next time you are in downtown Nashville, step a couple blocks off of Broadway and check out 505 Nashville! It happens to be right across the street from this month’s recommended restaurant, Puckett’s! Check out that article here.

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