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5 Common Pests That Damage Your Roof

Aerial view of a house with brown roof

There's one contributing factor for roof damage that often goes unspoken about or checked for: pests. Depending on your region and the environment around your home, you may be more susceptible to infestation and damage from pests ranging for birds, to rodents, to insects.

These are the 5 pests that commonly damage roofs:

1. Birds

Birds are known to eat the asphalt granules off of roof shingles, which can cause degranulation all over your house and weaken your shingles’ defense to rain, hail, and debris.

2. Mice, squirrels, and rats

If these pests find access to your basement and roof, they can chew through wood and wreak havoc on the structural components to your house and roof. Repairs to decking are costly and invasive, so make sure you are doing regular checks for pests if you live in an environment with plenty of rodents.

3. Bees and hornets

Bees and hornets can attach to and build entire hives in the space underneath roof decking, which not only poses a threat to your roof, but to your wellbeing in the home. If you suspect a hive inside your home, call a professional that works with bees or hornets to inspect and extract the hive and prepare for roof decking repairs.

4. Ants

Ants also can weaken your structural wood components by building their colony in your home. Ants are more likely to find way into your home during storm season, so be sure to have a pest control plan in place.

5. Termites

Easily the most expected pest to damage your home, termites will eat through wood causing extensive damage to your home’s structure, and even in the worst cases, your roof. Most homeowners aren’t aware of a termite infestation until seeing a swarm or experiencing major visible damage. If termites find their way to your roof, they can eat through wood decking, exposing your home to major leaks and further damage from weather events.

If you suspect that you home may have an infestation that is affecting your roof, call a pest expert for an inspection and treatment plan, then call Baker Roofing Company for a full wellness survey of your roof to check for damages.

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