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5 Important roof components to inspect on your commercial roof after a major storm.

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A flat commercial roof is a vital component of any building, providing protection from the elements and serving as a platform for various structures. After a major storm, it’s important to inspect your flat roof to ensure it’s in good condition and prevent any potential damage from turning into a bigger issue. In this article, we will highlight five key things you should look at on your commercial flat roof after a major storm to ensure its longevity and proper functioning.
  1. Damage to the roof membrane – inspect for punctures, tears, or other types of damage that can lead to water leaks.

  2. Debris and standing water – clear any debris from the roof surface and remove standing water to prevent pooling and potential damage to the roofing system.

  3. Flashings – inspect the metal flashings around penetrations, such as vents and skylights, to ensure they are secure and have not been dislodged or damaged.

  4. Drainage system – make sure that the roof’s drainage system, including scuppers and gutters, are clear of debris and functioning properly to prevent water from pooling on the roof.

  5. Surrounding structures – inspect adjacent walls, air conditioning units, and other structures on the roof for damage or displacement, which can affect the overall stability of the roofing system.
If you encounter any issues with your commercial flat roof after a major storm, or if you would like to have a professional inspect your roof, reach out to Baker Roofing Company. With our expertise and experience, we will be able to provide you with the necessary solutions to keep your roof in top condition.
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