6 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

1. Inspect gutters and downspouts
The trees have begun to shed their leaves which means it’s time to hire a professional to come clean your gutters so they are free of any loose debris and leaves to prevent damage from your roof or siding. This also might be a good time to add gutter guards to your home.

2. Have a roofing professional inspect your roof
If there are any shingles that are torn, curling, or buckling this is a good time to get your roof repaired or replaced. Any flashing you have around your pipes, chimney or skylights need to be looked at to prevent any leaks from ice or snow.

3. Check your window seals
The temperature change can cause your window seals to crack or shrink. Check your windows for any drafts or leaks that might be coming inside. Adding weather stripping or replacing your faulty windows can cut down on your energy costs during the colder months.

4. Repair any sidewalks
With the winter months just around the corner; be sure there are no cracks or holes so you can easily clean walkways of ice or the dreaded snow.

5. Add lighting to the outside of your home
It will be getting darker earlier and to prepare for less lighting in the winter months add lighting to walkways or to the front of your home to make it easier to get inside safely.

6. Add a chimney cap
After you have your chimney cleaned and inspected, consider adding a chimney cap to be sure critters don’t crawl down it looking for warmth.

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