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Metal roofing and wall panels are a great low-maintenance solution that provides commercial-grade performance while still enhancing the aesthetics of the building. Having fabricated sheet metal for over 100 years, Baker Roofing has the capacity and expertise to fabricate panels on-site for some projects and/or fabricate in our local facility, Peak Metal Products, to be delivered to the job site. Metal roofing panels tend to be easier to install and allow for design flexibility which is an appealing option for most commercial building owners; saving time on installation and providing the option to customize your structure to fit specific design needs. We are certified and qualified installers of all the top-of-the-line manufacturers. Our team will happily work with you to select a product that fits the needs of your building and your budget.
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Location Summerville, SC
Industry Commercial Real Estate
Scope of Work New construction metal roof installation

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of metal roofing?

Metal roofing has been in use in different forms for many, many years. Metal, as a material, has many qualities that enable it to be an effective building material. It offers low maintenance, high performance, and is energy efficient.

Why should you not repair a metal roof with a coating?

Silicone coatings are a quick and cost-effective repair approach for a problematic metal roof.  However, the coating repairs will, over time, break down allowing moisture into the repaired area thru small cracks and holes that develop.  The coating then holds the moisture in the assembly leading to rust and premature structural deterioration of the metal panel.  Once the panel begins to break down structurally the only option will be panel replacement.

How long do metal roofs last on a commercial building?

With appropriate maintenance, a properly installed metal roof system has a lifespan of approximately 30-50 years. The benefit of metal roofing repair utilizes the same materials and methodologies as the original install.