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Copper, Zinc & Specialty Metal Roofing

Baker Roofing Company has installed some of the most recognizable specialty metal roofs in the nation.

With roots as specialty metal craftsmen, Baker Roofing has over 100 years of expertise working with specialty metal products since the company’s inception as a tin shop in 1915. Specialty metal roofing, whether it is copper domes, ornate metal trim, or contemporary metal requires a very specific skill set as well as industry expertise and experience to get the job done correctly and beautifully. Our metal craftsman are sought after from churches in Nebraska to Universities across the county and even the Statehouse in Topeka, Kansas.

Baker Roofing is experienced in working with various mediums, premium products and unique combinations of materials and skilled enough to tackle the often difficult task of installing specialty metal products, whether it is a roof, dome, or wall panels.

Some of our most challenging specialty metal projects are located in the triangle area with others spread out across the southeast. Our experience includes, installing the zinc roofing panels at the American Institute for Architects headquarters in Raleigh, NC, fabricating and installing the copper on the dome and roof of the Holy Name of Jesus cathedral in Raleigh, NC and carefully constructing a unique lead-coated copper wall and roof for Duke University’s Perkins Library.

As a business owner, you can rest assured that your building is in good hands when Baker is on your roof. Our roofing materials, installation teams and safety are all maintained to the highest industry standards and we stand behind our work. Interested in learning more about artisan roofing and want to know if it’s right for your business, feel free to contact us using the form below and our roofing professionals will schedule a preliminary meeting to discuss your roofing needs.

zinc roof installation

Contemporary Metal Roofs

Zinc, copper, and other types of metal roofing are a popular choice for contemporary structures. Baker Roofing Company has a long track record of experience and satisfied customers in contemporary metal roofing. Metal roofing products provide both a sleek and modern look to structures while also being energy efficient due to their durability and life span. These types of roofs are unique in that they can be adapted to accommodate all types of buildings and structures. Speciality metal applications are also available in a variety of styles, textures, gauges and colors which allows the owner to personal their roof and/or to capitalize on brand colors.

Ornate Metal Work

Ornate metal work is an art, and Baker Roofing Company approaches it as such. Whether it is finials, gutters and downspouts, conductor heads, or trim work Baker Roofing Company is your ornate metal roofing expert. Our metal craftsmen have experience in fabricating and constructing artisan metal pieces such as spires, finials, arches, and even gutters and downspouts that are fabricated in our own sheet metal shop, Peak Metal. We also work with the finest metal artists to construct intricate copper details that are used at universities all across the triangle, for instance Duke University’s campus dormitories copper gutters emblazoned with the Duke University symbol.
historic copper roof dome

Copper & Zinc Domes

Baker Roofing Company has worked on historical and contemporary copper domes all across the country on low and high profile historical projects. Our team of craftsmen excel when it comes to copper dome work. The attention to detail and ability to work with delicate materials make Baker Roofing a clear choice for your artisan roofing project. We have experience roofing copper domes that are incredibly challenging, such as the 100-year-old Kansas Statehouse copper dome which stood 150ft off the ground. We can handle your projects copper or zinc roofing needs no matter how large or small.
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Baker Roofing Company's reroofing team is here to help!

Does your building have a unique roof that would be a good candidate for specialty metal? Our company has fabricated and installed numerous panels of copper and zinc for large scale projects, such as the Kansas Statehouse, the American Institute for Architects in Raleigh, NC and the Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral in Raleigh, NC to name a few. Give us a little more information about your business location and contact details and we will contact you immediately to help you navigate what type of specialty metal roof is right for your building.
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