Slow down the process and let our team evaluate your damage!

We work hard to be the best. We know when it comes to hail and wind damage, you need someone you can trust to make an educated recommendation. That is why we have our team Haag certified. The Haag certification is the highest level of knowledge to diagnose hail and wind damage. The certification helps our team be highly proficient with all major types of residential (steep-slope) roofs. They have learned how hail and wind interact with roofing, inspection safety techniques, roof area calculations, and applicable codes on every type of residential roofing material. Learn more about the Haag certification program, here. 

Trust our local team to help you assess your hail damage!

We sat down with one of our Haag certified hail experts, Chad, to discuss hail damage and his process when assessing your roof. He has quite a few tips to ease your mind when it comes to ensuring the quality of your roof after a storm. The number one piece of advice that Chad offers is to slow the process down. There is no need for an immediate decision. Most insurance companies allow for remediation 1 to 2 years after the storm hits. Do your research! This way you can feel good about the contractor you decide to work with on your claim.

If you need help with hail damage roof repairs, with the help of Chad, we put together a few guides to answer some of our most asked questions when it comes to storm damage. Check out a few of them below.