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I think I have storm damage on my roof what should I do now?

how to tell if I have hail damage

Download a complimentary Storm Impact Report

Download your complimenarty storm impact report.
Submit your information below, we will initiate a report and send you a link to download the report. If you need help interpreting the information feel free to reach out!
HAAG certified roofing inspector

HAAG Certified Roofing Inspector

Baker Roofing Company has HAAG certified professionals on staff. HAAG Certified Professionals are specifically trained to inspect, identify, and assess storm related damage to roofing systems. This certification ensures that Baker Roofing Company can offer you the highest professional standard in storm damage assessment. Learn more about the HAAG Program on their site.

Trust our local team to help you assess your hail damage!​

We sat down with one of our Haag certified hail experts, Chad, to discuss hail damage and his process when assessing your roof. He has quite a few tips to ease your mind when it comes to ensuring the quality of your roof after a storm. The number one piece of advice that Chad offers is to slow the process down. There is no need for an immediate decision. Most insurance companies allow for remediation 1 to 2 years after the storm hits. Do your research! This way you can feel good about the contractor you decide to work with on your claim.

If you need help with hail damage roof repairs, with the help of Chad, we put together a few guides to answer some of our most asked questions when it comes to storm damage. Check out a few of them below.

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Our company has over 100 years of industry experience and technical expertise, you can rest assured that your business is in the right hands.
Baker Roofing started as a commercial roofing contractor in 1915, working on various businesses throughout North Carolina. Whether it is a low-slope TPO single-ply roofing system, a heat applied built up roof with aggregate or an intricate steep slope roof with copper details, we have the in-house expertise and knowledge to handle your roof replacement needs with the utmost care.