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Baker Roofing Company installs gutters, and gutter protection systems and provides repair services to homes across Raleigh and the Triangle. Part of what makes Raleigh such an attractive place to live in is the warm climate and abundance of rich foliage. While these characteristics help define the City of Oaks, they also tend to create challenges for homeowners. Leaves and other debris along with heavy, tropical rains can easily clog gutters and cause damage. If you are tired of having to haul out the ladder and clean out your old gutters, it is time to give Baker Roofing Company a call.

Gutters that are performing poorly or incorrectly, aren’t just a hassle. Water that isn’t effectively being directed away from the house can pool at the foundation or work its way up under the roof shingles. In both cases, a few heavy storms can turn into significant and expensive damage to your home. Repairing a leaky gutter system or replacing them with durable RainDrop gutter guards that feature a self-cleaning design will eliminate constant maintenance and provide a lasting solution.

Baker Roofing Company in Raleigh has been serving homeowners for over 100 years. This extensive experience means that we are familiar with existing construction codes and best practices that allow for the proper installation of sturdy and durable gutters that will protect your home. Your gutters will be securely attached to the facade and effectively drain water away from the home while also protecting the surrounding landscaping and preventing erosion.

If your existing gutters are leaky, sagging, or damaged in a storm, Baker Roofing Company Raleigh can provide quick and effective repairs. We will evaluate your system, provide recommendations and have your gutters repaired and working at an optimal level, all for an affordable price. Our team of experienced and licensed installers is ready to help and make sure that you never have to spend your weekend at the top of a ladder struggling with stubborn gutter clogs again.

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