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Baker Coatings, A Division of Baker Roofing Company offers:

Fluid Applied Roof Coatings and Services.

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Baker Coatings expertly repairs and restores commercial roofs with fluid applied coatings.

Roof coatings come in wide varieties and applications. If you are a building owner, it is tough to wade through all of the information without a degree in chemistry in order to make the best decision for your commercial structure. Baker Coatings is equipped to give you all of the options you need to make an informed decision. 

While some applications of roof coatings require a tint to be added for aesthetic reasons, most commercial buildings will utilize a white coating for added energy savings. Baker Coatings evaluates each of their manufacturing partners in the area of product quality, business strength and customer service. We have done the research necessary to be confident in the quality of the products we apply. That being said, coating your roof can be a challenging undertaking, and we are here to make it easier for you.

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We shall do good work, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good work.


Baker Roofing Company has the expertise and experience to help you make the right choice for your roofing and waterproofing needs. Our fluid applied roofing systems can save you up to 70% off of the cost of a traditional roof replacement.

Thermoplastic Roofs

Coatings eliminate landfill waste caused by expensive roof tear offs, and offer sustainable solutions for roof restoration. Ten years after the initial application, the coating can be refreshed for a fraction of the original cost, and offer another ten years of worry and water-free roof protection.

Built-Up Roofs

Coatings, as opposed to sheet roofing materials, are monolithic- they do not have seams. That means that while many traditional roofing systems tend to fail in the seams, roof coatings, when installed properly, have no seams to split open.

Metal Roofs

Coatings also reflect heat in the form of solar radiation. Black roofing or metal roofing products can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees! With the application of white reflective coating, as much as 90% of that heat is reflected, saving you money in air conditioning costs.