There is a difference.

When you've been roofing for over 100 years, you learn a thing or two.

The Difference Starts Here:

Complimentary Design & Budget Consultation

It begins with engineering out common problems, right from the start.

Experience is the best teacher, and we have certainly learned a lot about roofing since 1915. We watched roofs that we installed throughout their lifetime. We saw what worked and what didn’t. So, we created our own installation methodology, our Baker Best Practices. It is what makes Baker Roofing Company different. We want to engineer out the problems we come across, even if it means taking a few extra steps. In the videos below Robert, a member of our skilled training staff, will walk you through three steps we take to ensure optimal shingle performance.

Extra Protection for Pipe Boots

Shingle Step Patterns

Nail Gun Certification

It's also about having the right team.

A key component to our Baker Best Practices is our operations team. Our teams go through training courses and complete certifications showcasing their knowledge. We also believe your roof should have its own dedicated team. At Baker that means 1 job, 1 crew, 1 project manager. Each job has its own crew and project manager focusing only on that one job. This is not the norm, but we don’t mind being different. Kyle is our Regional Manager of Quality Control and an expert on the Baker Best Practices, so he is stepping in to explain the why behind them.

Closed Cut Valleys

Quality Control

1 Job, 1 Crew, 1 Project Manager