Top 5 Best Gutter Materials

Is it time for a gutter refresh or new gutters on your home? Gutters can add a really nice appearance to the exterior of your home but also have a lot of practical reasons to install them on your home!

Are you ready to install some new gutters on your home? Whether this is the first time, or you’re ready for an update, we have the top 5 gutter materials below!

  1. Aluminum – Aluminum Gutters are the most popular material used for gutters. These gutters are lightweight and easy to install while still having a nice curb appeal. They are available in many different colors and they can last up to twenty five years. Baker Roofing Company can install aluminum gutters on a residential or commercial property!
  2. Vinyl – Vinyl Gutters are the most inexpensive choice if you’re looking for a more affordable option. These gutters are not damaged by salty air, so they are great for a beach home. They also will not rust or corrode. 
  3. Zinc – Zinc rain gutters may be expensive but they are very durable. These gutters can last up to 50 years and won’t rust or fade. 
  4. Steel– Steel gutters are very strong and can hold up to all weather types. These gutters can also be painted and customized in many different styles. 
  5.  Copper – Copper gutters have a unique curb appeal that attract many homeowners. It’s the most expensive gutter material, but it’s extremely durable in all types of weather. Copper gutters won’t rust or warp. Call or text Baker Roofing Company today to schedule a free quote.

By Molly Matthews

Hi everyone! I'm Molly and I am an intern with Baker Roofing Company. I am with the Marketing team for the summer while in college at Wake Forest University! I love going to the beach and spending time with my friends.