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Garden roofing, also known as vegetative roofing, refers to plant materials installed over a weatherproofing system. Depending on the design, structure, and load capabilities of the building, vegetative roofs can be adorned with grasses, herbs, flowers, and even trees. Patios and walkways can also be utilized on these roofs allowing access and opportunity to use the roof as additional space for tenants or owners. Our company has experience working on many different styles of green roofs, for instance, installing a vegetative roof that was intended to insulate and protect historic archives while also utilizing the additional space for social, environmental, and economic benefits. We are certified and qualified installers of all the top-of-the-line manufacturers. Our team will happily work with you to select a product that fits the needs of your building and your budget.
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Nashville Muisc City Center

Location Nashville, TN
Industry Entertainment
Scope of Work Single-Ply & Vegetative Roof System

Frequently Asked Questions

Are garden roofs sustainable?

Garden roofs provide many benefits to a building and its’ environment. These roofing systems are one of the most exciting developments in sustainable building design! Utilizing the roof, which is typically unused space, and creating a space that can be purposed as well as green and environmentally friendly in more ways than one.

Do garden roofs have building incentives?

In short, yes! More and more municipalities and other government agencies are providing incentives that can help off-set the cost of a green roof. If you have questions if this would apply. to you, make sure to ask our team!

How long do garden roofs last?

A green roof, much like a PMR (Protected Membrane Roof) Assembly, protects the roof membrane from climatic extremes and physical abuse, thereby greatly increasing the life expectancy of the roof.

Are garden roofs okay in storms?

Depending on the design, a green roof can typically reduce storm water run-off by 50 to 90%. Additionally, the peak flow volume is greatly reduced and the peak flow period is delayed by as much as 4 hours, minimizing the impact on existing sewer systems. In most cases, garden roofs handle storm water very well.