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What Team Baker Has to Say About Our Women in Construction!

a group of women in baker academy training room taking roofing class
We asked employees all across the Baker Roofing footprint to shout out the women that make #AlwaysGoodWork possible for them every day, and we definitely weren’t disappointed by the overwhelming response! Read what Team Baker has to say about our Women in Construction below.
Francisca Mejia
Francisca’s work ethic is second to none. She brings a calm and confident energy and we are thrilled to have her on our team. – Michael Kraemer, BRC Raleigh
Jessica Traub
Jessica is the highest grossing reroof estimator, and second highest grossing estimator at Baker. She does a great job, and everyone enjoys working with her. – Tucker King, BRC Raleigh
Lynna Mull
Lynna supported and continues to support me stepping into the Office Manager position in Chesapeake. With the immense amount of stress that I have been under in my personal life, and the stresses of learning and taking on a new position, Lynna has been an anchor keeping me grounded here and genuinely caring about my success. The times that I have been able to reach out and ask her for guidance, no matter how busy she has been, she makes time to help me when she can. Her support and genuine heartfelt encouragement have been a blessing in my personal growth since I moved up. Thank you Lynna!!! – Andrea Sanders, BRC Virginia Beach
Annmarie Vollaro
Annmarie is dedicated to her craft and has become a needed asset here at the BRC Asheville office, from organizing meetings to preparing luncheons during training classes. She’s a one person show that continually strives to have her best foot forward and eager to help & assist others when needed. She brings great credit upon herself and the professionalism of her position here at BRC Asheville. – John G. Mertz, Jr., BRC Asheville
Alma Bautista Garcia
Alma is on time and at work everyday. She works just as hard as the other team members. – Kenny Rains, BRC Raleigh
Donna Shaw
We are grateful to have Donna Shaw. Donna is acting coordinator for Columbia, Myrtle Beach and Savannah. Her work ethic, attention to detail and dedication to team have a huge impact on the success of these locations. – Leo Perry, BRC Columbia
Donna’s impact on the Myrtle Beach office was noticed from her first day and has improved the function of that office, all while working remote in another branch. Thank you Donna! – Sam Blair, BRC Myrtle Beach
Savanna Shallcross
Savanna has grown so much in her year with Baker. She is fearless and up for any challenge. She has built relationships and acts as a mentor to those on her team. She maintains a positive attitude and is a joy to be around. Thank you for all you do, Savanna! – Virginia Kennington, BRC Raleigh
Savanna recruits for eleven of our BRC offices and has just finished her first year with us. She has grown so much professionally this year and has really proven to be a dependable and dedicated team player. She has championed our Referral Program and has done an awesome job building relationships with her hiring teams. We are lucky to have her as a part of BRC! – Justin Boyles, BRC Raleigh
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie does a great job holding it all together. Her role and responsibilities go unseen or unnoticed in many occasions. Yet, without her hard work and dedication the truth is the rest of us would not be able to do what we do. From assisting with warranties, pay applications, permits, invoices, and more Stephanie makes herself available to any need. And to top it off she does it with a smile. Thank you Stephanie! – Jason Widener, BRC Charleston
Steohanie is always helpful, as well as knowledgeable, to allow me to accomplish the things I need to. – Jim Smith, BRC Charleston
Michelle Jewell
Michelle handles all of the Fleet Administrative duties (license, fuel cards, etc.) related to our 650 plus vehicle fleet. – Toby Boyles, BRC Raleigh
LaSonya Harris
It was refreshing working with someone that has integrity in their work. Her willingness to help find additional resources to ensure the team be more knowledgeable in the roofing industry (while not being in the field) is appreciated as well as her overall professionalism. – Nikita Brown, BRC Raleigh
Sherrie Vaughn
Sherrie has been a ROCK STAR in supporting several new initiatives that are making a difference with our customers! From handling incoming calls, making outbound calls, and allocation of sales leads (in addition to her other responsibilities), Sherrie’s customer servicing skills ensure customer delight! THANK YOU SHERRIE! – Dan Tompkins, BRC Raleigh
Sherrie has helped me with any and all issues I’ve had in ViewPoint. She’s even made little personal videos to help. She’s a wonderful, cheery person. – Joann Van Dalen, BRC Raleigh
Jourdan Manning
When I first started in Sept 2021, I came from a healthcare background. I knew very little about roofing or the day to day process of how things flowed. Jourdan was transitioning to Premier Accounts at the time but, she offered me any help that I might need and told me to message her anytime. Without her knowledge I would definitely not be where I am at today! I am thankful for her help and her friendship. – Amanda Juranic, BRC Raleigh
Jessica Day
Jessi has done a great job in our Service Sales group. She is an awesome networker and knows how to use her resources. – Jon McCaffrie, BRC Nashville
Nancy Martinez
Nancy has been on site everyday for over a month straight. She is dedicated to her work and the production of RVA 5-6. She is a valuable member of the DPR team and is very much appreciated. – Anonymous, BRC Greensboro
Linda Poole
BRC recently launched a Lead Generation effort to support the Commercial Sales team…From our extensive customer warranty database, Linda meticulously combs through old/outdated data to identify and call key company contacts that she turns into warm Sales leads. In just a few short weeks, her leads have generated 7 proposals and 3 closed deals! Way to go Linda! – Dan Tompkins, BRC Raleigh
Kelli C. Denney
Kelli is a goddess at her job. I don’t know how things would get done without her. Het ability to multitask is unmatched. I’ve seen her take calls while filling out purchase orders and reconciling material lists all at the same time. I don’t know who hired her, but it was one of the best moves made by this company. – Karl Spencer, BRC Raleigh
Thanks for keeping us on the right track with all of our material purchases. – Aaron James, BRC Raleigh
Kelli is a most valued member of the Purchasing Department. She created and maintains the Red Flag List of projects for Raleigh Ops. The list was designed to manage material shortfalls on projects during this difficult time of product procurement. Kelli manages the weekly meeting required to maintain the list. She meets with each departments’ project managers to get weekly project updates. We greatly appreciate all that she does for purchasing and Baker Roofing. – Andrew Santori, BRC Raleigh
Hannah Grace Burton
She has come into our training staff and bought fully into what we do and how we work at work! She has turned out the highest quality work and continues to improve and impress!! – Robert Merritt, BRC Raleigh
Lauren Bunn
Lauren is a breath of fresh air. Her bubbly personality makes a dull day much more tolerable. Her positive attitude is infectious. You can’t help but feel better after being around her. – Karl Spencer, BRC Raleigh
Lauren helped me out on short notice when I was called out on a family emergency. Don’t know what I would have done without her help. – Joann Van Dalen, BRC Raleigh
Joann Van Dalen
Not many know this but Joann serves as a back up for many different areas of the company. She’s assisted with payment process, covering for the admin in steep slope, has taken on Special Projects in addition to Restoration/Waterproofing. She’s a jack of all trades. – Shannon Rogers, BRC Raleigh
Since Joann has moved into the 600 she has been the best team player we could have around! She always positive and bubbly. She is a good person to know and be around for sure. – Stephanie Taylor, BRC Raleigh
Joann is the HEART that keeps this department functioning. – Jim Smith, BRC Charleston (Restoration)
Jade Roberts
Jade is the straw that stirs the drink for our office. She keeps our team moving forward, coordinates with multiple departments, and handles the back of house items to keep everything running smoothly. Thank you Jade! – Sam Blair, BRC Wilmington
Joann Walker
A hardworking woman and always come through when we need something. We really appreciate for her hard work. – Long Y & Dougie G, BRC Greensboro
Shannon Rogers
Shannon is always there for everyone. She especially helped me when I was called out on a family emergency. Don’t know what I would have done with out her help. – Joann Van Dalen, BRC Raleigh
Although I don’t work in Raleigh, Shannon has been a huge help and I am very thankful for her efforts! – Tom Klugh, BRC Charlotte
Jill Schaut
Jill helped me so much over the last few months when I was dealing with some outside issues. I don’t know what I would have done without her help. – Joann Van Dalen, BRC Raleigh
Lesa Marsh
Lesa is always willing to assist if I have any questions or issues. She always seems to have a smile on her face and has been welcoming from my first day. I appreciate everything you do for myself and the rest of the office. – Colton Lee, BRC Charlotte
Lesa pretty much holds everything together in our office. She has a great attitude and makes our jobs much easier. – Tom Klugh, BRC Charlotte
Jessi Day, Christi Mullins, Shelby McCaslin, Kailtyn Roberts
These ladies are always willing to help, be a team and go above and beyond. I learn something new from them weekly and they are truly inspiring. – Tara Connolly, BRC Nashville
Jessica Hammonds
Quick to get work done. Great with customers and vendors. A joy to work with. The key to our success keeps us running smooth. – Owen Chapman, BRC Chattanooga
Victoria Slayton, Vijay Santiago, Reta Mulich
Thank you for your dedication and hard work that may go overlooked at times! – Roderick Williams, BRC Orlando
Alex Manring, Jayme Boyles, Shelby Zeuli
I’d like to give a quick shout out (and thank you!) to my teammates: Alex, Jayme, and Shelby. You have not only been individually successful in your roles in construction, but daily make contributions that add to the success of our greater team! Alex, Jayme, Shelby, thank you for your professionalism, creativity, and daily pursuit of Always Good Work! – Todd Kavanaugh, BRC Raleigh
Alex Manring
Alex is always available to offer assistance whether it is promotional items or helping with design ideas for Recruiting materials. She was a HUGE contributor in designing our digital onboarding welcome packets and updating our Baker Roofing Careers page! – Justin Boyles, BRC Raleigh
Shelby Zeuli
Shelby has shown a great passion for our social media channels and developing engaging content. She does an awesome job capturing photos of our offices and our most important asset, our people. Her ability to highlight what makes BRC a great place to work aids in our Recruiting efforts. – Justin Boyles, BRC Raleigh
Jayme Boyles
Jayme has a gift for generating new business in a way that’s creative, seamlessly integrated with our marketing systems, and years ahead of the rest of the industry by dedicating her time to learning all the new possibilities and strategies available to us. She’s an inspiration to me and I know I can always ask for her help! – Shelby Zeuli, BRC Raleigh
Kerry Jackson, Chrissy Flowers
They are always available to help if you need it. – Jon Sorenson, BRC Richmond
Kerry Jackson
Kerry is the hub of our wheel that is Central VA. She helps all Admin and Management in our region keep structured and on point so we can fully support the Craftsmen in the field and take care of our clients. – Steve Pierce, BRC Richmond, Virginia Beach, Woodbridge
Elizabeth Pedersen
Elizabeth is new to the Recruiting team, but has really jumped in and learned a lot. She is always willing to offer a helping hand and has taken on the task of revitalizing our Life at Baker social media presence. Her impact on the team is already noticeable! – Justin Boyles, BRC Raleigh
Faye Coats
Faye has been a huge help to me. She has bailed me out more than once! – Tom Klugh, BRC Charlotte
BRC Richmond, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, Woodbridge, Bristol Women
First I would like to say just one woman is not sufficient enough, I travel to multiple locations and interact with numerous women in these location but to single out just one I don’t feel is fair to the rest. These women when you look at how each location is running and how well I look at the people that are always the mainstay of the branch and keep everything moving and the success at these locations are and can be attributed to a large degree the rockstars making it happen, it is a pleasure work with and watch as they keep our locations moving forward, THANK YOU for ALL that you do everyday. – Ed Brideau, BRC Virginia Beach
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