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Where to Eat in Virginia Beach, VA

what to eat in virginia beach, va

Baker's Half Dozen

The Virginia Beach office is another one of our favorites. Our employees love their ability to visit the beach often. Additionally, this office is great for employees with large families that enjoy water activities such as boating or skiing. We asked our team to tell us about some of their favorite places to eat and things to do in Virginia Beach below!
  1. Three Ships Coffee – This coffee shop is absolutely adorable. The pastries, biscuits, and fresh toasts are very well known. The avocado toast is our employee’s personal favorite as it is filling yet healthy.
  2. Waterman’s Restaurant  – Sea food is always better by the water, right? Waterman’s restaurant is no exception to this trend as they serve all kinds of delicious fish. And the best part is Waterman’s has unique Virginia apparel for tourists. And lastly, if you like shrimp, we recommended you order fried butterflied jumbo shrimp.
  3. Cape Henry’s Lighthouse –The building of this lighthouse was first authorized by George Washington and then overseen by Alexander Hamilton. Cape Henry’s lighthouse is near the area where the first English settlers arrived on their way to Jamestown. Today the lighthouse is a good place to sight the sea and take pictures overlooking the water.
  4. Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center – Who doesn’t love a good marine science center? If you are interested in sea animals stop by and check out the exhibits along with volunteer and intern opportunities. Check online and see if the Aquarium is showing any movies during the days of your next visit!
  5. Sugar Plum Bakery –This is our favorite spot in Virginia Beach. This cute bakery serves unique sweet treats and employs disabled workers. The mission of the bakery is to attempt to train and educate disabled workers, allowing them to become more integrated into society. Check this spot out next time you are in VA beach!
  6. The Neptune Statue – This is a 34-foot statue that stands in Neptune Park. The statue was dedicated to the citizens of Virginia Beach. This statue is well-made and visually appealing. Next time you have the opportunity, take a leisurely walk through Neptune park. 

Next time you’re in Virginia Beach, VA, give some of these local restaurants and activities a try! 

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