The Baker Roofing Company Fundamentals

Our Fundamentals

1. Be Courageous

Demonstrate willingness to escape your comfort zone by approaching difficult conversations or situations honestly, directly, and in a professional manner.

2. Maintain Integrity

Commit to doing the right thing. Deliver on promises to build trust with those around you.

3. Be Clear On Expectations

Without assuming you’ve been understood, address expectations up front. Review results frequently, and provide insightful, detailed, and unambiguous feedback on a regular basis.

4. Lead with Humility

Seek feedback from others, accept constructive criticism, and hold yourself accountable for your shortcomings or failures. Celebrate and give credit to your team’s successes, and regularly ask others what you can do for them.

5. Deliver Legendary Customer Service

Provide solutions to problems your customers face. Remain forward-thinking to anticipate issues that may arise, and try to solve those issues before they reach the customer. Seek feedback to continually improve, and always work to protect the brand’s reputation.

6. Take Pride and Make Quality Personal

Respect that we are trusted by the customer to protect what matters most; their homes, businesses, livelihoods, possessions, and reputations remain in our care.

7. Be Obsessive About Organization

Find and use the right tools to aid in building and living out good daily habits. Commit to focusing on building good organizational habits through an approach of structure and discipline.

8. Share Knowledge and Mentor Others

Rely on your experience and expertise to share life lessons and teachable moments with others. Continue to teach best practices, and remain open to coaching and mentoring others.

9. Honor Commitments

Follow through on promises by respecting deadlines, responding in a timely manner, and helping others achieve their goals by fulfilling promised tasks.

10. Honest and Respectful Communication

Keep an open mind when having conversations, build bridges and trust with one another, and think before you speak. Maintain professionalism and control of your emotions at all times.

11. Practice Blameless Problem Solving

Collaborate with others to seek constructive solutions to problems. Work together, with a patient and non-judgmental attitude, to rely on data to reach the desired outcome.

12. Always Be Aware

Collaborate with others to seek constructive solutions to problems. Work together, with a patient and non-judgmental attitude, to rely on data to reach the desired outcome.

13. Recognize and Celebrate Good Work

Pause to intentionally reinforce positive behavior and celebrate successes. Recognize timely, specifically, personally, and publicly.

14. Plan Ahead and Anticipate

Always be prepared. Anticipate expectations of your internal and external team members and customers. Adjust plans as necessary to react to change.

15. Be Empathetic, Compassionate, and Courteous

Envision yourself taking the place of customers and co-workers to understand their points of view. Maintain a high level of kindness and courtesy with everyone.

16. Be Thankful

Appreciate the work of others, and express your gratitude for their help and efforts. Be sincere in your appreciation, and remember to say “Thank you.”

17. Maintain a High Pace

Work hard to ensure all of your work is purposeful through producing results. Prioritize tasks to ensure the ability to have a healthy balance between work and personal life.

18. Be Trustworthy

Treat others how you would like to be treated. Respect confidential and sensitive information, be reliable, and honor your commitments and promises.

19. Work as a Team

Support your team by taking ownership when necessary. Maintain a high level of accountability by making necessary sacrifices, while demonstrating a positive example of leadership.

20. Excellence in All that We Do

Exceed expectations by paying attention to detail and doing it right the first time.

21. Empower Responsibly

Know the people that make up your team. Play to their strengths by matching abilities to responsibilities given. Encourage risks that will lead to learning and growth.

22. Be Accountable

Commit to taking on and following through with responsibilities. Be honest, thorough, and proactive.

23. Be Curious

Ask questions to promote innovation and new ideas. Encourage your team to take chances and continue learning.

24. Be a Fanatic about Response Time

React and respond promptly to requests and communication in order to demonstrate your commitment and willingness to work.

25. Be Proactive

Anticipate and act on necessary changes before a situation becomes a problem.

26. Be Relentless About Improvement

Look for the lesson in every situation. Continue learning from those around you, and allow challenges and change to influence you in a positive manner. Continue to push yourself and team to grow over time.